Horticulture Certificate

The Horticulture Certificate is a supplemental credential for currently enrolled students.  It is designed to equip those who desire to improve their own health and that of others through healthy food production and/or beautiful landscape development and maintenance with the knowledge they need.  The classroom knowledge is put into practice in laboratories associated with classes, as well as in an on-campus internship in the University gardens, orchards, and greenhouses.

Horticulture Certificate
Total Credits: 14
􀁸 HORT 150 - iGrow Credits: 4
􀁸 HORT 350 - History of Landscape Architecture Credits: 3
􀁸 AGRI 270 - Management of Agriculture Enterprises Credits: 3
􀁸 1 Credit of AGRI 395 - Internship in ___________  (on campus)

Agriculture major credits selected in consultation with an advisor from major elective
courses to fulfill the remaining 13 required.