Agriculture AS

The Associate of Science degree in Agriculture prepares students for entry-level positions in their chosen area of specialization.  It also provides a science-based foundation for students who already have significant practical experience.  The credits earned in this two-year degree are fully transferrable to the four-year BS or BT Agriculture degree at this university.

Sustainable Horticulture BS

The Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Horticulture is a professional degree for students looking for a future in management or supervision. All concentrations are based in the domesticated plant profession with uses in food systems, environmental design and systems planning. After a core of plant and natural sciences, history and development, the degree moves into three concentrations: International Agricultural Development, Agribusiness, and Landscape and Environmental Design.


Blending Entrepreneurial or Business Talents with Robust Experience with Your Chosen Agricultural Expertise.

Our program in Agribusiness has the best of all worlds.  You start with a small core from agriculture related classes.  We then build in five business classes for your business edge.  This leaves a great deal of room for possible electives so that you can choose your own expertise.  Will it be animals, plants, crops or landscape? Additionally, the five business classes can be planned to meet pre-requisites in the Andrews MBA program if your future takes you there.


Landscape and Environmental Design

Where Creativity, Plants, Nature and Conservation meet Planning.

Our Landscape Design Program is a challenging program that brings environmental issues, ornamental horticulture and human spaces into one.  Residential homes, city parks, urban planning, green roofs and sustainable environments are some of what we do.  Central Park in New York, Washington DC, the Oregon Trail, and likely a neighbor’s yard, were developed by landscape designers.  This is a broad field that has countless opportunities.



International Agriculture Development

Travel the World Helping People in Developing Countries Through Food Security & Sustainability

This concentration has been built to provide students with broad experiences in agriculture, food systems, horticulture, business management, environmental leadership, social development / policy and more to blend needed skills for helping developing countries.  Additionally, the program offers the ability to fast track to a one-year masters degree in International Development after graduation, if such experience is something you’re looking for.