The Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science prepares students for management-level employment in an animal-related field or admission to graduate school. Students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine will need to complete additional science classes to meet the prerequisites for veterinary colleges. See “Recommended for Pre-Vet” below for more details.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Horticulture is a professional degree for students looking for a future in management or supervision. All concentrations are based in the domesticated plant profession with uses in food systems, environmental design and systems planning. After a core of plant and natural sciences, history and development, the degree moves into three concentrations: International Agricultural Development, Agribusiness, and Landscape and Environmental Design.

The Department of Sustainable Agriculture emphasizes the utilization of environmentally sustainable practices with a focus on stewardship of the earth’s resources. It offers degree programs in:

  • Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  • BS Sustainable Horticulture
    • Concentrations in:
      • AgriBusiness
      • Landscape and Environmental Design
      • International Agriculture Development 

Garth Woodruff

Director, Agriculture Programs,
Assistant Professor of Horticulture
& Landscape Design

Kathy Koudele

Chair, Department of Sustainable Agriculture
Professor of Animal Science

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Our faculty and staff come from a variety of backgrounds that encompass a large range of experiences and interests. 

We are very excited to offer the ability for high school students who are interested in the RESA program. Click on the link below to learn more about the program and the Articulation Agreement we have with Berrien RESA!



Agriculture has been an important part in the history of the predecessor of Andrews University, Emmanuel Missionary College (EMC). Back in 1901, the site for EMC was selected for its excellent gardens, orchards and fields. Students grew and marketed food crops to gain practical knowledge as well as earn their tuition. The academic aspect of agriculture began around the time of World War I with the first graduates from the Department of Agriculture in 1918. In the years since the focus of the agriculture department has varied depending on the needs and trends in the field. Today our department is made up of two main program areas:  BS Animal Science and BS Sustainable Horticulture, which has three concentrations: International Agriculture Development; AgriBusiness; and Environmental and Landscape Design.

Our Mission Statement

Seek Knowledge

Learn current, sustainable, practices and procedures in their chosen area of agriculture based on a strong scientific foundation and hands-on experience.

Affirm Faith

Realize our sacred, Christian obligation as the caretakers of this planet to preserve and improve it.


Change The World

Put the knowledge and experience gained into practice to improve:

  • The production and quality of life of animals and the humans who interact with them
  • The quality of the soil and water in agriculture areas
  • The beauty of living spaces with plants
  • Food security for those in need now and for all of us in the future

Why Choose Sustainable Agriculture at Andrews Univeristy?


Agriculture has been a part of Andrews University's rich history from the beginning. Students in the Sustainable Agriculture department gain unparalleled hands-on experience, whether that be with animals or plants. Internships during their time with us help to emphasis the knowledge they've learned in the classroom but in a real world setting. When students complete their degree in Animal Science / Pre-Veterinary medicine or Sustainable Horticulture, they are ready to take the next steps in their working careers. We take pride when our students are pursuing their love for plants and animals and find careers in these fields. Some of our students go on to become Veterinarians or create their own landscape design businesses. The career possibilites are endless! We are one of the few Christian Universities to offer degrees in Agriculture and the one North American Seventh-day Adventist University to offer a degree in Sustainable Horticulture.