Today, pets are regarded as members of the family, and the increasingly important role that they play in our lives has created a booming "pet market." Demand for professionals within this market is also soaring, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that Veterinary Science and other specialized animal occupations - like zoo keeping and training seeing-eye dogs - will experience a significant labor shortage over the next decade. Additionally, more demand will develop for livestock and large animal veterinarians. An Animal Science degree will open up employment opportunities in any of these areas. It is not only your best ticket to veterinary school, but if you'd like to enter the workforce immediately after college, it will make you the natural choice for employment as an Animal Behaviorist, Nutritionist, Reproductive Specialist, Pet and Livestock Product Developer, and a host of other in-demand animal specialties. It's clear that, as an Animal Science graduate, the only employment problem you'll have after college will be deciding which job to choose.