The Well Read Student

Are you ready for college reading?

Some college require incoming freshmen to have read certain books. While Andrews University does not have this requirement, you may want to do some personal reading in "the classics" in order to be considered well-read. This will help not only with college reading but also with your ACT scores and your current Academy classes.

  • Shakespeare
    At least one comedy and one tragedy.
    Midsummer Night's Dream
    and MacBeth
  • Early American Novel
    Hawthorne, Melville, etc.
    The Scarlet Letter
  • Classic American Poetry
    Dickinson, Poe, Whitman
  • Modern American Poetry
    TS Eliot, Frost, William Carlos Williams
  • Modern American Novel
    Hemingway, Fitzgerald, etc.
    The Great Gatsby
    and Old Man and the Sea
  • British Victorian Novel
    Hardy, Dickens, Austen, etc.
    Pride and Prejudice
  • Classic British Poetry
    Chaucer, Shakespeare's sonnets, Tennyson, Donne, Wordsworth, Yeats
  • Ancient Classics
    Sophocles, Virgil, Homer
    The Illiad
  • Classic International Literature
    Dante, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Machiavelli
    The Prince
  • Modern International Fiction/drama
    Solzhenitsyn, Kafka, Beckett, Saint Exupery
    The Little Prince, The Trial
  • Multicultural Literature
    Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Tonie Morrison, Maya Angelou
    The Bluest Eyes
  • Amercian Nonfiction/essay
    Thoreau, Emerson, Postman, Annie Dillard
    , An American Childhood, Amusing Ourselves to Death