ways to graduate

College Preparatory Diploma—provides for a student to take a basic set of core classes that are a step toward preparation for the rigors of college. The broad framework around which the college preparatory diploma is built allows for a student to take additional core classes in areas of interest or to supplement the requirements with additional general education classes such as fine arts or applied arts.

This diploma also allows for the student to broaden his/her core classes to receive the Comprehensive or Vocational Endorsement. Since colleges often have different entrance requirements in the solid areas, students are strongly encouraged to check the college application requirements of their colleges of choice to make sure their program at Andrews Academy will adequately prepare them for entrance. International students, whose native language is not English, are required to pass a selective language proficiency test with a satisfactory score.

General Curriculum Diploma—provides for a large degree of flexibility allowing a student to focus on specific areas such as vocational education or fine arts. This diploma requires a smaller number of core or solid classes which leaves room for other subjects to be emphasized. This diploma is also appropriate for the student who may need additional support for academic success. It may not meet admission requirements for some colleges.

Basic Diploma—requirements are the same as the General Curriculum Diploma, with the provision that adjusted objectives may be established to meet the individual student's needs based on his/her strengths, weaknesses and/or style of learning. Such courses with adjusted objectives are identified by the title prefix "Introduction to..." Academic Advancement Program Team (AAPT) students specifically benefit from this provision. These programs are planned individually with the guidance counselor. 


Graduation with Academic Honors—Andrews Academy provides students with the opportunity to dig deeper, discover more, take an academic risk, develop strong writing skills and show intellectual curiosity above and beyond the norm. To qualify for this program, specific requirements must be met.