College Preparatory

build on your knowledge

An enterprising student may choose to qualify for a Comprehensive Endorsement to be added to the College Preparatory Diploma. This endorsement builds on the College Preparatory Diploma requirements. The rigor of this pursuit will be more demanding, requiring additional personal commitment and homework time to accomplish the required assignments. Students and their parents will want to plan carefully together for the Comprehensive Endorsement program.


  • Earn a total of 24.0 units of credit
  • Earn 4.0 units of credit in English
  • Earn 2.0 units of credit in modern language 
  • Earn 3.0 units of credit in mathematics
  • Earn 3.0 units of credit in science
  • Earn 2.5 units of credit in social studies

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Departments Required Courses Credits Required
English English I (9th) 1.0
  English II (10th) 1.0
  1-2 semester(s) of composition
  Research Comp, Expository Comp or Art of Biography
  1-2 semester(s) of literature 1.0
Modern Language German or Spanish 2.0
Social Studies U.S. History(11th) 2.0
  U.S. Government (11th or 12th) 0.5
Mathematics Algebra I or equivalent 1.0
  Elective math course 2.0
Science Biology I or equivalent 1.0
  Elective science course 2.0
Applied Arts Must include courses from two of the following three areas:
  Business Education
  Home Economics
  Technical Education
Fine Arts A minimum of one semester of any art or music course; more is recommended. Fine arts credits earned over 2.0 units will not count towards total credits needed for graduation. 0.1
Physical Education and Health Five semesters of Physical Education 1.5
Health 0.5
Religion One unit for each year in attendance at an SDA secondary school 4.0
Work Experience 180 total clock hours—requires submission of Work Experience Form signed by work supervisor. 0.5
General Education Electives Enough to make the grand total at least 24.0 units  
Grand Total Solid units plus General Education units 24.0