Honors Program

graduating with honors

In an effort to foster an aggressive approach to learning among students, the academy offers the possibility of graduating with academic honors. One path to academic honors requires additional course work beyond that required for graduation; the other requires that the student delve deeply into researching a topic.


Qualifying to graduate with honors by achieving a grade-point average of 3.5 or above is merely the minimum standard for applying to the program. The grade-point average alone does not entitle the student to graduate with academic honors.

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  • Apply during the spring semester of the junior year
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Take a minimum of 15 solid credits (listed below)
  • Complete one of the required composition courses (listed below)
  • Maintain a positive citizenship and attendance record
  • Demonstrate honesty and willingness to support efforts by the school to foster an open and honest atmosphere.
  • Take two academic departments, plus a senior honors project. 

(please note the prerequisites for these classes when planning)

  • Science—Physics, Chemistry
  • Mathematics—Precalculus
  • Modern Languages—German II or Spanish II
  • English—One of the required composition courses listed below

A student may apply to the Academic Affairs Committee to create specialized sequence from other disciplines such as the Applied Arts, Art and Social Studies.

(writing classes which count toward Graduation with Academic Honors)

  • Honors Language and Composition
  • Research Composition


It is expected that students planning for a project have a clearly defined area of interest and that they have read extensively in that area. Being well read defines an honors students. Hence, they do not say, "Tell me what I'm interested in."

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  • Enroll in Research Composition
  • Prepare a written project proposal
  • Study topic in depth
  • Gain topic approval and guiding committee appointment
  • Write a 15-20 page research paper or document, depending on the subject matter
  • Present project to an appropriate audience
  • Maintain good and regular citizenship status