New Students (USA)

Welcome to Andrews Academy

Andrews Academy welcomes students from all educational backgrounds. We will be happy to show you around the building and introduce you to students who can share their experiences about attending our school.

Academy Day for students grades 8-11 is held annually in early March. Grad Bash for students and parents is held the Saturday night after Graduation. These programs answer your questions about student life, finances, teachers and a variety of other topics.

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Interested in our eighth-graders gifted student program for local area schools?
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Read testimonies from previous students:

Alyson Drew


"Andrews Academy has lots of friendly people, the teachers are mostly nice and the food is usually edible." —Alyson Drew

Levi Barnum


"Home schooling was a good experience, but I like Andrews Academy better. It was nice to be able to sleep in once in a while, and get all my homework done pretty early in the day, but I didn't really get to see my friends that often, and there weren't any extra activities. At Andrews Academy I enjoy being around my friends, and making more friends. I also like all the other activities that the academy has—like youth churches, class vespers and other fun stuff like that. Andrews has a very friendly and religious atmosphere. The teachers are interested in everyone and are very encouraging too."
—Levi Barnum

Kourtney Smith


"As a junior in high school I've had the privilege of attending two academies. At both Andrews Academy and Great Lakes Adventist Academy I found the spiritual atmosphere to be strong. Both academies have great teachers that open each class with a word of prayer, and are willing to assist their students with extra help. I've decided to finish out my junior year attending Andrews Academy. I've made many lifelong friends here and it is the place where I feel most at home. Many of the staff and students have impacted my life in various ways. Two of the most important being academically and spiritually. I will be able to take these lessons I've learned and apply them to all aspects of my life." —Kourtney Smith

Douglas Nyabioge


"In public school I never had a chance to pray like during the morning devotions we have here at Andrews Academy. In Kenya, where I come from, Bible classes are required everywhere, but when I came to America the public schools didn't have Bible classes. I have learned a lot at Andrews Academy that I could not have learned at the public high school." —Douglas Nyabioge