Part-Time Students

Join us for a few classes

Occasionally there are students who wish to take a class or two at Andrews Academy while they are enrolled either in home school or at another high school, including the Math/Science Center. Application is made in the regular way with a notation that the student is applying for part-time status. These students are accepted on a limited basis and under the guidelines listed below:

  • The maximum units of credit permitted for a part-time student must not exceed 2.9 units.
  • Tution is pro-rated. This rate applies to no more than two full credit courses plus some physical education or music. A student taking three full classes, 3.0 units or more, is considered a full-time enrollee and is billed the full published annual tuition rate.
  • A part-time student must make application using the regular application form, and indicate the desire for part-time status. Admissions Committee approval will then be considered.
  • Morning devotions, assemblies and study hall attendance is to be negotiated as part of the scheduling process.
  • Participation in social and co-curricular school functions is available, but must be arranged in advance by the part-time student.
  • Transportation and permission form policies are in also in effect.
  • Expectations of graduation from Andrews Academy must be clarified when the student is admitted.