Alumni Assembly

Help create our new association

Dear Fellow Alumni,

I am the Andrews Academy Alumni representative to the Andrews Academy Board. It is hard to imagine that though Andrews Academy has existed for so many years, we have never had an official AA Alumni Association. When I first became a member of the board three years ago, I inquired about the possibility of establishing an AA Alumni Association and for one reason or another the process has been delayed, till now. We have been given the green light to organize an alumni association under the By Laws attached to this email. The By Laws have not been ratified by the AA Board as of yet, but they will provide for the initial structure and duties of our association and if changes occur, we will incorporate them within an appropriate time.

We will conduct our first AA Alumni Association General Assembly, Friday, October 16, from 4:00–5:30 pm in the AA chapel. The primary purpose for this meeting will be to elect the executive members of the Alumni Association, as well as outlines goals and objectives for our organization for the next year and beyond. Let me outline the election criteria and attendee policy for the meeting:

  • President
  • Executive Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Five Additional Committee Members
Regular Members
  • All graduates of Andrews Academy having been conferred their diploma.
  • Former students who attended, at minimum one semester (one quarter), and left in good standing.

Associate Members

  • All non-alumni faculty and staff.
  • Spouses of members.
  • Parents of current and former academy students.

Only Regular Members

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me at I hope you can fit this inaugural meeting of our AA Alumni Association into your schedule.

Take Care and God Bless,
AA Board Alumni Representative