Feast of Lights

celebrating christ's birth

Every year Andrews Academy's music groups perform a sacred concert celebrating Christ's birth. All the various ensembles perform. Readings and a live nativity add to the beauty of the concert.

The forty-sixth annual Feast of Lights (December 14, 2018) was a spectacular night of music, scriptures and drama honoring the King of Kings, a retelling of the glorious Christmas story. It spoke to our hearts of His wondrous love. A big thank you to all the students who worked diligently in making this such a beautiful program. And a big thank you to the music directors Elsy M. Gallardo-Diaz & Marcelo Martins. We also thank Rachel Miller, AA class of 2008, for being our guest harpist for this year’s program.

More pictures can be found here on Facebook. For the video of this program, please go to Facebook.