Our Town

On Saturday and Sunday night, Andrews Academy presented the school play Our Town by Thornton Wilder.   It was an excellent presentation... a lot of fun and a lot of skill.   Thank you actors for working so hard at making it such an excellent performance.

Please see the attached file “the story & the actors”  for a list of each participant and a summary of the story.

Enjoy the pictures from the play Nov. 19, 20, 2011

A note about play production at Andrews Academy:
At Andrews Academy we believe that any student who signs up for play production should have an opportunity to participate in the creation of the school play.   We do not audition any student as a way to eliminate all but the most talented; we do, however, audition students for a particular role in the play. Some have a major role; some have a smaller role; some care for costumes; some paint stage sets; and some manage sound and lights.  Regardless of the part in the production, each person contributes to the success of the play.  If even one person were to become ill and not be present, the absence of that individual would affect the whole.  Cooperative learning rates highly in the minds of some educators.  Well, the production of a play is cooperative learning in the truest sense of the term.
Over the years of producing plays at Andrews Academy, we have noticed that allowing all who sign up an opportunity to participate in the production has resulted in some who have amazed themselves at what they could do and given them a new confidence in their abilities.  We think that is a very good thing and have no plans to make the play an elitist production.