Children's Christmas Party

giving back

Student Association Children’s Christmas Party   - Dec. 4, 2011

One of the things we want our students to learn during the Christmas season is the spirit of giving.  The SA Children’s Christmas Party is designed for this purpose.  Andrews Academy students signed up in groups of 2 - 4 to sponsor a child for the Christmas party.  Various children from the community are invited for this evening.  The SA officers welcomed children as they arrived for the evening.    One of the activities the children did was to decorate their tables while waiting for everyone to arrive.   The evening began with group games in the the gym such as duck duck goose, and other games.  After the games a pizza supper was served.  Santa and his helpers were there to hand out the gifts.   Each group of Academy students pooled their money to buy their child a Christmas gift.  

The children really enjoyed their evening with their newly made academy friends.   Thank you Dillon Zimmerman for being a wonderful “Santa Claus”.   Everyone knew that the gifts were give by the students and that it was just someone acting out Santa.    One child wanted to “make sure” and “uncovered” who Santa was!

A lot of Christmas joy was experienced as Academy students gave to make Christmas a little more fun for our community children. As seen by not only the smiles of the invited children the Andrews Academy students also had a lot of fun in sharing Christmas joy.  This evening is yet another example of genuine christian school spirit that the Andrews Academy family enjoys.

Thank you Student Association  officers and sponsors for a well planned and fun evening with meaning.