IMC Guidelines

how we operate

The IMC operates under the following guidelines:

  1. Each student has the privilege to use instructional materials and borrow books and certain non‑print materials. The librarian/library workers are happy to help with any research project and with reading assignments.
  2. The student is encouraged to suggest new titles to be added to the collection.
  3. All materials borrowed are to be checked out properly by the library worker using the computerized checkout procedures.
  4. General reading books may be checked out for a three‑week period, renewable once unless reserved by another student.
  5. Magazines and reference books, e.g. encyclopedias and dictionaries, are to be used in the library only. Back issues of magazines and Ellen White books may be checked out for overnight use at 3 p.m. and kept until 8:30 a.m. the following morning. Current magazines must remain in the IMC to allow easy access to all patrons.
  6. Certain cassettes may be borrowed for overnight use and some magazines may be checked out for a longer time by arrangement with the librarian.
  7. It is absolutely necessary for the student to take time to checkout the materials he/she desires to borrow. A four‑day grace period is granted for returning books, but if they are not returned within that time, a five-cent fine is charged for each day the book was overdue, beginning with the first day the book was due. Weekends and holidays are excluded.
  8. A charge is made for books damaged beyond reasonable wear. Lost books must be paid for according to cost of replacement. It is unwise for a student to lend library materials to another student. The borrower of record is responsible for the materials care and/or loss.
  9. When “Reserved for You” notices are issued, the requested materials should be called for promptly or the request should be canceled with the librarian.
  10. The fine for misplaced materials reported to the librarian may be suspended when a serious effort is being made to locate them. A replacement charge will be made for material not returned one month after the due date.
  11. Overdue notices are issued weekly. Fines unpaid by the due date will be added to the student’s school account statement with a $5 handling charge.
  12. The tables in the main area are designed for study, not for the storage of backpacks and book bags. These items will be removed and placed in lost and found.
  13. The Andrews Academy student is expected to demonstrate courteous and thoughtful regard for the needs of others while in the Instructional Media Center. This regard includes refraining from running to appointments through the IMC.
  14. Naturally, gum chewing, eating and drinking are not appropriate in the IMC.