Adventist International Transfer Partnership

The Adventist International Transfer Partnership (AITP) provides students who are not US residents studying at institutions located outside the USA and accredited by the Adventist Accreditation Association (AAA) with greater access to Andrews University programs of study.  Students approved in their first year of study benefit most from partnership in advising, Andrews discounted tuition upon arrival on campus, and the shortest path to degree completion.

The following terms and conditions define the Adventist International Transfer Partnership:

1. To build capacity at Adventist universities and tertiary-level colleges internationally.
2. To enable qualifying students to continue their education in an Adventist institution when their programs of study are not offered at their current institution.
3. To increase access to Andrews University programs through earlier advising and tuition discount.
4. To build Andrews University programs where upper division class numbers are low.
Universities or tertiary-level colleges accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA) may begin the process of joining the Adventist International Transfer Partnership by following these steps:
1. Appoint a liaison for the program on the institution's campus. This person is called the AITP Administrator.
2. Apply to join the Adventist International Transfer Partnership using the online form.
3. Market the Adventist International Transfer Partnership to current and future students.
4. The AITP Administrator and academic advisors will assist interested students through the online application and encourage early communication with an Andrews University academic advisor to develop an efficient study plan.
1. Students apply for admission to the Andrews University program at least one year before the desired transfer term.  
2. Andrews University academic advisors will liase with students and their institution's academic advisors to select classes meeting their chosen Andrews University program requirements.
3. Andrews University online classes may be taken to supplement the partner institution's classes so that the student is on the shortest path to completing Andrews program requirements. The current Andrews University tuition rate will apply for online courses.
4. Qualifying students meet the admission requirements of Andrews University and are approved through the AITP Administrator at the partner institution.  
5. Where English Language proficiency standards for admission differ, the admission requirements for the Andrews University program into which the student is transferring must be met before they register into the first term of the new program.
6. Students will normally transfer as sophomores or juniors from partner institutions; Andrews University affiliate campus students are admitted as continuing students with a change of campus and major in the transfer term.
7. The AITP tuition discount, published in January for the academic year starting in August, is around 50% of the current undergraduate tuition rate for main campus classes. Students will additionally be responsible for all living costs and fees related to specific classes and programs, at regular rates as published in the Academic Bulletin.
8. The AITP tuition discount will be given for the number of terms to complete the Andrews program of study, with one additional semester. The number of terms the student is eligible for the discount will be included in admission communication. The tuition discount rate will be updated annually.
9. The AITP Administrator markets the partnership and maintains a webpage with partnership current information on the institution's website.
10. The Andrews Transfer Counselor helps students with admission steps and connects them with an Andrews academic advisor, financial advisor, and international student services. 
There are two levels of engagement. Each begins with an online form:
1. The Institution Application is completed first, by the person selected to serve as the AITP Administrator or liason with Andrews University. A letter from the Andrews University President confirming the new partnership is emailed within days of the application.
2. Students approved through the AITP Administrator can complete the Interest form once the partnership is confirmed to begin the aplication process. 

Current Adventist International Transfer Partners:

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