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This information will be helpful to students taking Andrews University courses, as well as courses registered through the Consortium of Adventist Colleges and Universities. Information and prompts on when to request exams are embedded in your course space. Watch this short video tutorial for quick answers on most testing questions.
Who are acceptable proctors?

Proctors must have academic responsibility in a university, college, school or workplace continuing education setting.  They must be able to proctor at their place of work, and be prepared to observe the student throughout the exam session. Acceptable proctors include:

  • University, community, and technical college professors
  • University and college deans or designees
  • Student services workers, advisers, counselors, and related staff
  • Public librarians in a supervisory position
  • K-12 school registrars, counselors, or librarians in a supervisory position
  • University, college, school, military or workplace testing centers

Special Considerations:

  • If you live at or near Andrews University, exams are proctored in the School of Distance Education Testing Center.  Call (269) 471-6566 or email to schedule an exam that starts and ends during these hours:  8:00-3:30pm Mon - Thu, or 8:00-10:30am Fridays. During peak periods (April, August, December), you will be notified of specific exam sessions and will need to make arrangements to fit this schedule.
  • If there is no academic testing facility within an hour’s travel from your location, email or call (269) 471-6566.  The Testing Coordinator can assist in locating an approved proctor or arrange virtual proctoring.
Who are unacceptable proctors?
  • No family members, fiance(e)s, or friends
  • No tutors, teaching assistants, coaches, or fellow students
  • No work colleagues who are not testing personnel
  • No pastors or other church personnel
How do I request an exam?
  • ALL students taking online courses request exams by completing the exam request form in their course space - even if living in Berrien Springs.
  • Log in to your course at
  • Find the exam request link, which should be in the module you have just completed, or the very next one.  Click on the Exam Request link (see example below).

    Example of Exam Request Form Link


  • Fill out the form. Make sure the Andrews ID number, proctor’s e-mail and name are correct before submitting.
  • If you are living in Berrien Springs, click the button to select Berrien as the testing location.  As you will take the exam at the School of Distance Education, the proctor is filled in for you. CAUTION!  If you will be away from Berrien during the weeks when you need to take an exam, then do NOT select Berrien, as you will need to arrange for a proctor in the country and city you will be when taking the exam.
When can I request an exam?

For self-paced online courses, request the next exam as soon as you have submitted all assignments preceding the exam request link.  Be prepared to take the exam within one week.

For interactive online courses, the course lists a date by which you need to send in the request for each exam.  Be prepared to take the exam by the deadline stated in the course.

How long does it take to get my exam?

If you have not received an e-mail confirming your exam release within 2-3 business days, call (269) 471-6566 or email to check if the request was received. 

How do I take my exam?
  • It is your responsibility to arrange the time and place to take the exam in the presence of your proctor before the exam deadline.
  • Present a photo ID if the proctor does not know you personally.
  • Log in to
  • Select the course you are taking the exam in.
  • Click on the exam link which is in the module directly below the exam request form you filled in (e.g. Midterm exam in Module 9)
  • Click Attempt Quiz
  • Click Start Quiz
  • Your Proctor will now enter the password and click Start.
  • Note how much time you have, and what materials are allowed, if any. 
  • Save often and pace yourself to finish within the allotted time. 
  • I lost access during an exam session. What do I do?

    If the exam time has not expired you can go back into the exam and continue taking it.  Your work will be saved up to the last item saved.  If the time has expired, call (269) 471-6566, or email to have the exam reset. An expired exam cannot be reopened to finish. It must be retaken.

    I have completed and submitted the exam. How long will it take to grade?

    Griggs aims for a one week turn-around time for grading.  If it has been longer than a week and you do not see the grade on Moodle, please first contact the instructor.

    I see an F for an exam grade. Have I failed the course?

    Not necessarily. The final grade is weighted as explained in the syllabus. Grades are accessed through your University Academic Record, linked on your IVUE page.

    If you need to earn a higher grade, contact your instructor to discuss options first. You may also repeat the course to replace the low grade on your transcript.

    What are my options for credit by challenge exam?

    Learn more about departmental challenge exams
    Learn more about standardized exam options

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