Graduation Checklist

This checklist is designed to help students completing Andrews University degrees on campus or online successfully navigate graduation processes.  Follow this path to celebrate your success!  

1. Read and follow final clearance procedures.

2. Complete the graduation application form. 
    • Deadlines:  Check the current academic calendar for specific dates. Online undergrad degree students must submit by the drop/add date of their last term.

    • Use the right form:
            Undergraduate, on campus: collect the form at Academic Records Office 202
            Undergraduate, online:
            Graduate, on campus or online:
            Affiliate or extension campus, all levels: ask your campus' registrar for your campus' form.

3. Complete all exit surveys.
    • Links will be emailed to candidates, as applicable for their campus, program, and level. 
       Your feedback counts. Please take the time to do each survey honestly.
    • Questions: contact, including your name, AU ID and degree.

4. Clear outstanding grades or transcripts.
    • Plan to complete 2 months ahead. Due at least 15 days prior to graduation/degree conferral. 
    • Questions: contact your academic advisor first, then Academic Records.

5. Clear financially.

    • Login to FINVUE to clear account balance and complete exit counseling for any loans. Your tickets (if attending graduation), transcript and diploma are held until this is done.  
    • Questions: contact your financial advisor on your campus.

6. End well. Then celebrate!
    • If living in campus residences, review check out procedures and plan ahead.
    • Return library books. Notify employer 2 months before your last day.  Follow exit procedures.
    • Thank faculty, advisors, employers, parents, and friends. 
    • Reflect on God’s leading to this milestone.

7. Get your diploma.
    • Visit Academic Records with an ID during week 2-4 after graduation to collect your diploma if you have cleared financially.
    • Away from campus, diplomas are mailed starting one month after graduation to your home address (check it in Vault now!)
    • If not cleared financially by the end of the mailing period, or if the diploma does not arrive or is later lost, complete the Diploma Request Form 
    • Read the details at

Attending graduation on campus?

1. Order regalia. Collect chords.
    • Andrews University regalia is ordered through  Undergrad or masters, click 'regular regalia' doctoral, click 'fine regalia'.  (All College of Arts & Sciences BA hoods are white, tassels black.)
    • Undergrads can get free undergrad high GPA (3.5+) and Honor Scholar chords at the Honors office. Online students request through academic advisor.
    • Discipline-specific undergrad honor society chords can be purchased at the Honor office too.

2. Read details about rehearsals, marching without completion, tickets, change of plans, etc. at  

3. Attend rehearsal Thursday evening.
    • If you cannot arrive in time, study the information at
    • Note the specific details for candidates for degrees completed through specific schools or colleges.

5. Share information with family and friends.
    • Visitor and graduate info, schedule of events, and live streaming at