Diplomas are printed and available for graduating and financially clear candidates who have completed all degree and graduation requirements. If you are an Andrews alumni and would like to make a diploma request(s) OR you have questions about the status of your diploma, please email diplomas@andrews.edu

PLEASE NOTE:  Processessing for a diploma request is an estimated 4 to 6 weeks. Students are responsible for notifying Academic Records when they have financial clearance at 269-471-3375.

Download a Request for Diploma Form


There is a two-week period between the second and fourth weeks after graduation when students can pick up their diploma. Diploma printing for complete degree candidates begins two weeks after graduation ceremonies. Students who are financially cleared may visit the Office of Academic Records on the second floor of the Administration Building with a form of ID to pick up their diploma. 

Students will not receive their diploma under the following circumstances:

  • Owing on a student or housing account, including installment payments not yet due
  • Having a balance guaranteed by Andrews University
  • Being in default on a government loan
  • Needing to complete loan exit counseling


Beginning approximately one month after graduation, diplomas are mailed to the home mailing address in the vault database. If you want your diploma to be mailed to the accurate address it is critical that you keep your address current.

In the event that students have not become financially clear by the end of the mailing period, students who become financially clear by the above guidelines need to notify Academic Records that they have achieved financial clearance in order to receive their diploma by mail or pickup. They will need to submit a Request for Diploma form. Students must ensure that their address in the Vault database is accurate.

Replacement or Duplicate Diplomas

The Office of Academic Records will provide a replacement or duplicate diploma for a charge of US $50.

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