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Transcript Requests

Select a Transcript Request Option
This option is for students/alumni that have access to the university vault system.
This option is for students/alumni that DO NOT have access to the university vault system.
School of Education - Distance Learning
This option is for those taking courses through the School of Education Distance Learning (i.e. Canter, QEP, PLS, TOE, Teachscape, VESI and EDCI).
  • Questions? Call (269) 471-3482 or email
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INCOMING STUDENTS:  If you have questions regarding your incoming transcripts from other institutions to Andrews, please contact Enrollment Management at 269-471-6049 or email


General Information

Students are responsible for verifying the correct address and for printing legibly on the request form.  Taking the time to verify and call businesses or academic institutions for the correct mailing address will save you time.

  • Required information must be provided
  • Unsigned requests will not be processed
  • Financial Clearance needed to process most transcript requests
  • Requests cannot be made over the phone

Please note: The Office of Academic Records reserves the right to charge for transcript requests made in excess of the allotted number allowed per month for each individual. The individual will be contacted with the cost when the allotted number is exceeded. The excess transcripts will only be processed once payment is made.

Please note: We do not inform parents on the status of transcript requests placed by their students, or any other private educational information as defined by FERPA, unless the student has provided written documentation in the form of the FERPA permission document giving permission of release of information to their parents.

Transferring Credits:  Please note that the decision to accept an institution’s academic credits is at the sole discretion of the receiving institution.  While Andrews University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and expects that its credits will be recognized by other colleges and universities, it cannot compel another institution to accept transfer credits.

Required Information
  • Your complete name and any former names you had while attending Andrews
  • Today's date
  • Social Security Number (Optional)
  • Signature of the student
  • Your Address
  • Your phone number
  • Your Andrews ID number (Helpful but not required)
  • Specific term and year you were last registered (Example: Spring 1996) (Helpful)
  • The number of copies requested
  • The mailing address for the transcript (if different from your own):  Transcripts WILL NOT be emailed to recipients, including schools or businesses.
  • Type of mailing and/or processing services
Grades and Graduation
  • Once your request is entered online, it is immediately processed and so we are unable to change information before processing and mailing.  This information includes:  grades, name changes, and addresses.  However, there are option boxes on the hard copy form and in the online ordering system that give you the option of asking for us to delay until grades and degrees have been processed.
  • Students cannot initiate name changes through Transcript Services but must make that request through the front desk of the Office of Academic Records.

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Processing Options

The Office of Academic Records provides the service of transcripts to Andrews University alumni and former students. We offer many options for processing. We do not process any transcript requests by phone.  

If you do not indicate 24-Hour In-Office Processing AND/OR Express Mailing, your transcript request will be processed with Regular services. You MUST select these options on the form or through the online ordering system.

Processing Options:
  • Regular Processing: Free (1-5 business days)
  • 24-Hour In-Office Processing: $34 Fee
Mailing Options:
  • Regular Mail within the US: Free (time varies by location)
  • Express Mailing within the US: Fee $22.95 (Guaranteed 1-2 business days)
  • UPS International Express Mailing: Fee (price/time vary by location). UPS does not accept P.O. Boxes for delivery but requires a street address.

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Ways to Submit Requests

Request Online through Vault

Log in to Vault using their Andrews username and password to order transcripts online.  In order to request a transcript online, you must have an active Andrews username and password so you can access your account. To activate your account, click here

Instructions for Placing an Online transcript Request:

1.  Once you are in Vault select Registrar from the menu on the left.
2.  Next, select Transcript Requests.
3.  Next, Vault will give you the options. Select Enter Transcript Request. The online Transcript Request form will appear, including a summary of your financial picture, your contact information and selection fields for completing the request. 

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Checking the Status of Your Transcript Request

Students may check the status of their transcript request by logging into Vault by accessing the Registrar option, and then accessing Transcript Requests.  This will show an option displaying the status of your request. 

Transcript Requests with PDF

The Transcript Request Form is available in PDF format. Click here if you do not already have the Free Adobe PDF Reader. Follow installation instructions. 

After filling out the request form, you may sign it digitally. You may also sign, scan and send via email to Or, you may sign and fax: 269-471-6001

Creating a New Digital Signature

  1. Click the Signature field
  2. Select your name in the Sign As drop-down box IF you already have a digital ID in the list. Enter your password and Sign.  Or…
  3. Select “New ID” in the Sign As drop-down box  Click Next>
  4. If you have an existing digital ID, Click Next and Browse to find your file and enter the password   Click Next>
  5. For the new ID option, Click Next>
  6. Leave default setting “New PKCS#12 digital ID file”   Click Next>
  7. Fill out Name (first & last required), Organization (optional), Email (required)...  Click Next>
  8. Select password    Click Finish
  9. To sign the document, select "Create new appearance..." in the Appearance drop-down box.
  10. Check "Distinguished name" in the Configure Name location (this enables your required e-mail address to show in your signature.) Click OK.
  11. Enter certificate password
  12. Click Sign
  13. Save your signed request.
Requests in Person

To submit a request in person, please feel free to visit the front counter of Academic Records.  Students have the option of requesting a transcript for pick-up, and identification must be presented at the time of pick-up.  If you have authorized a third party to pick up your transcript, this name must be indicated on the form.

Requests by Fax

Fax a completed form to 269-471-6001.  The transcript request will be entered into Vault and students may check the status of their transcript request in Vault. Students may submit a request to receive unofficial transcripts by fax. 

Requests by Mail

To submit a request by mail, please print out the Transcript Request form and mail the completed form to the following address:

Andrews University
Office of Academic Records
4150 Administration Drive
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0800

Requests by Email

To submit a request by email, you must email a completed, signed and scanned Transcript Request form to

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Problems with Processing


Incorrect Addresses
If the transcript delivery address is incorrect and the transcript is undeliverable and is returned to Academic Records, you will receive notification that your request address was incorrect.  You must then submit another transcript request with a corrected address.
Multiple Addresses
Separate requests must be submitted for each address that should receive a transcript.
No Confirmation Email
Students do not receive a confirmation email after placing the transcript request online.  Once your transcript is entered online, you may check the processing and mailing status through the Transcript Requests menu or call us at (269) 471-3443.
Verification of Transcript Arrival
Academic Records does not verify if transcripts have been received by the intended recipient.  It is the responsibility of the student to confirm with the intended recipient of the transcript that it has been received.
Financial Clearance Required
Academic Records will provide official transcripts to students only if they are financially cleared. If not financially clear, a transcript may be ordered if the transcript is for employment purposes.  The online ordering system will show a red notice if you have any financial balance.  This will prevent you from ordering transcripts online.  Please contact Student Financial Services to inquire about or resolve financial matters.
Signature Requirement
Transcript Request forms will only be processed if they are signed.
Elements of Transcript
Official transcripts list your Andrews ID, birthdate and your name for identification purposes.  These elements cannot be removed.
Andrews Courses Only
We process transcripts for Andrews University courses only.  We DO NOT provide transcripts received from other institutions.

The official Andrews University transcript lists only Andrews credits.

Transfer credits used towards Andrews degree requirements are not reflected on official transcripts, but the transcript will state:  "Transfer credits were accepted to fulfill degree requirements.  For students who graduated after the Fall of 1996, transfer credits will not be printed."
High School Transcripts
High school transcripts are processed by Admissions.  Please consult Admissions if you have questions regarding your high school transcripts.


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