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Transcripts - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a transcript?
Former students and alumni may order a transcript in person at the Academic Records front counter, by mail, by email, online through their Vault account, or by fax.  PLEASE NOTE:  We send official transcripts by mail or to be available for pick-up only. 

How do I check the status of a transcript request?
Students may check the status of a transcript request by accessing their Vault account through the following course of links: 

Vault>>Registrar>>Transfer Requests>>Search My Requests>>which will take you to a screen which displays your transcript requests and their status.

You may also email to to find out the status of your transcript request or call 269-471-3375.

Why can't I make a transcript request over the phone?
We do not take requests over the phone because federal law and FERPA require documented authorization by the student to release their information to third parties because of the nature of private information.

Can I receive a copy of my own transcripts?
Financially clear students may receive official copies of their transcripts by mail, in person or they can receive an unofficial copy of your transcripts by fax..  If you are not financially clear, Andrews University will NOT send you a copy of your transcripts.  Our current Transcript Request includes a mailing address where you can specify the transcript to be sent, including your own.

How long does it take to process a transcript?
We define our normal processing for regular service and regular mail to be a minimum of 5 business days, in addition to travel time by regular mail.  Processing times may be affected by observed holidays, including Memorial Day and Independence Day.  Students have two options for processing and two options for mailing:  Regular process (or service) and 24-hour processing;  Regular mail service and Express mail by USPS or UPS (international).  Please note that requests for 24-hour processing does not include an automatic Express mail option:  Students must request both rush services or regular service will be given.  Within the US 24-hour processing is available with a charge of US $25.00.  Express mail charges are $18.95 for domestic mail.  For international mail the price and transit time will vary depending on the location, with a general estimated arrival time after 2-3 business days.

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Can we overnight a transcript?
No. The Andrews University Post Office does not offer overnight delivery. Please plan accordingly for your time-sensitive materials.

Is there a charge for transcripts?
Academic Records provides the service of transcripts processed in Regular Service and sent by regular mail at no charge to former students and Alumni.*  You also have the option of 24-hour Processing Service with a charge of US $25 per transcript and the option of requesting Express mail services for a charge of $18.95 to US postal addresses.  It takes five business days for us to process regular service requests in addition to regular mail times. 

*Academic Records reserves the right to require a fee after a certain amount of regularly processed transcripts.

How many transcripts can a person request?
There is no limit, however, we reserve the right to determine when charges should be made in individual cases of high numbers of transcript requests.

If a student has any type of financial hold, can a transcript be released?
Only if it is for employment purposes. Then a transcript can be sent to the employer but not to the student.

I have a document that needs to be sent with my transcripts.  How do I arrange to have the document included?
The Transcript Request form includes the option of special instructions. 

What is the National Student Clearinghouse?
Please feel to visit the website of the National Student Clearinghouse.
The National Student Clearinghouse is a non-profit organization founded by the higher education community which maintains a comprehensive electronic registry of student records that provides a single, automated point-of-contact for organizations and individuals requiring timely, accurate verification of student enrollment, degree, and loan data. 

Is the National Student Clearinghouse safe? Can I be sure my information will be safe?
Yes, the Clearinghouse is secure and follows FERPA. It is used by 92% of universities and colleges across the country for confidential student information. NCS is also bound by security and confidentiality laws.

Can I still use the Clearinghouse even if I don’t have a Social Security Number?
Yes.  You can use your student ID number when requesting your student information from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).

I don’t have an email address or a credit/debit card. Can I still get an official transcript?
Yes.  You can make a request for Regular Service in person, by fax or by mail.  If you would like to order 24-hour Processing Service or Expedited , please indicate on the Transcript Request form in your chosen method of request.

I need an unofficial transcript. Can I request that through the Clearinghouse?
No.  Unofficial transcripts are not processed through the NCS.  You may request an unofficial transcript by fax only.

Can transcripts be emailed or sent electronically?
No. We send transcripts by mail or fax only.

Can I get a transcript that I sent to Andrews from another university?
No. If a current or former student has requested in the past official transcripts of other universities to be sent to us, we do not release these transcripts because the transfer credit is generated to show equivalent Andrews credit.  They need to request a transcript from their previous university.

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