prepare for the workplace

Computer Skills I: Keyboarding (0.5 units)
Computer Skills I is designed to prepare students for Computer Skills II by the development of touch typing proficiency with an introduction to document formatting. First semester.

Computer Skills II: Desktop Publishing (0.5 units)
Desktop Publishing is designed to increase students' touch method proficiency to a marketable level and to develop production skills in creating a wide variety of documents including reports. Prerequisite: Computer Skills I or permission of instructor based on proven keyboarding skill level of at least 30 wpm for 3 minutes with 85% accuracy. First & second semesters.

Personal Finance (0.5 units)
Understanding how individuals and families can efficiently manage their money is the focus of this course. It fosters an awareness of special problems caused by changes in price levels. A simulation for personal record keeping is a part of the class. Second semester.

Computer Applications (0.5 units)

A computer course of interest to all students regardless of their previous computer use. It covers common technical information with an emphasis on practical experience with the Web, spreadsheets, databases, and website creation. Prerequisite: Minimum data entry skill of 30 wpm with 90% accuracy. Second semester.