Home Economics

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Basic Foods and Nutrition (0.5 units)
An introduction to the principles of nutrition and food preparation. It also stresses consumer skills and the selection of quality foods. Lab requirements provide the student with experience in preparing food demonstrating the principles of proper nutrition. Prerequisite: Includes a lab fee. First semester.

Basic Clothing Construction I (0.5 units)
This course deals with basic clothing construction techniques and provides an introduction to the qualities and use of natural fibers. Clothing care and budgeting methods will also be studied. First and second semesters.

Basic Clothing Construction II (0.5 units)
An opportunity to continue projects begun in Construction I. Students should express an interest in clothing and give visible evidence that this will provide a meaningful experience. This course also deals with crafts in the home. Students will learn guidelines that will help them be better consumers. Crafts such as quilting and needlework for the home will be included. Prerequisite: Basic Clothing Construction I. Second semester.

Advanced & International Foods (0.5 units)
This course centers on meal planning and preparation in all the related aspects: nutritional balance, health requirements, etiquette, and the wise expenditure of the food budget. In addition, a study of worldwide food habits and nutritional practices. Extensive laboratory experience gives students an opportunity to prepare foods from around the world. Prerequisite: Basic Foods and Nutrition, includes a lab fee. Second semester.

Advanced Clothing Construction (0.5 units)
This course deals with advanced methods and techniques in clothing construction, including the use of more difficult patterns. The student will also study man‑made fibers and methods of fabric construction. Prerequisite: Basic Clothing Construction I and II with a minimum grade of C and permission of the instructor. Arranged.

Child Care and Development (0.5 units/semester)
This course stresses the principles of child development including physical, emotional, social growth, and parental care. Laboratory experience with nursery age children is included. Emphasis is placed on the role of parents and caretakers in the development of the child. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or above. First and second semesters.

Projects in Home Economics (0.1-0.5 units)
A student who desires to pursue a subject in greater detail may enroll for project study in clothing, foods and quilting. Arrangements for these course are made directly with the teacher who will arrange the time schedule, specific course requirements and prepare a course outline. Prerequisite: The foundation course in the chosen subject area with a minimum grade of B and permission of the instructor. Arranged.