Technology Education

explore your technical side

Fundamentals of Technology (0.5 units)
A course designed to develop technological literacy. The systems approach is used in handling subject material and includes all five areas: transportation, manufacturing, construction, communication, and bio-technology. Hands-on activities involve the student in discovering, creating, problem-solving, and constructing. Activities include CO2 dragsters and hydraulic robotic arms. Open to all students.

Manufacturing (0.5 units)
A course designed to provide instruction in materials processing, managing production activities, the operation of a manufacturing enterprise. Practical experience is provided by establishing a student manufacturing enterprise and choosing, manufacturing, and marketing a product. This course is similar to Junior Achievement. Open to all students.

Graphic Arts (0.5 units)
A beginning level course providing experience in rubber stamp making, screen printing, air brushing, and computer graphics. Open to all students.

Architectural Drafting (0.5 units)
A beginning level course providing experience in designing and drawing residential floor plans. Also included is computer-aided drafting (CAD). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or above.

Mechanical Drafting (0.5 units)
A course covering drafting basics, geometric constructions, isometric drawings, sections, auxiliary views, charts, graphs, blueprint reading and computer-aided drafting (CAD). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or above.

Basic Photography (0.5 units)
A course designed to provide instruction and experience in black and white photography and darkroom work. Prerequisites: Sophomore class standing or above and permission of the instructor.

Video Imaging (0.5 units)
Students will be involved in all aspects of video production including planning, shooting and editing. Each will work with a group to produce two videos, one with an assigned subject, and the other subject to be chosen by the groups. Additionally, the students will gain experience with image generation and manipulation on the computer. Elementary computer animation may be included as well. Open to all students.

Crafts (0.5 units)
A course designed to provide opportunity for students to experience craft activities with wood, metal, leather, and plastics. A special feature of this class is that there is no written homework required outside of class. Open to all students.

Metals (0.5 units)
A beginning level course in metalworking covering the following: bench metal, sheet metal, art metals, foundry, forging, arc welding, oxyacetylene torch, metal spinning and metal turning. Open to all students.

Mechanics: Bike Repair and Small Engines (0.5 units)
A course designed to develop mechanical and repair skills working with bicycles and small engines as well as the construction, operation, maintenance, adjustment of both. Open to all students.

Woodworking (0.5 units)
A beginning level course providing experience and instruction in bench and machine work, carving, turning, veneering, and laminating. Open to all students.

Construction (0.5 units)
A course designed to help the student become technologically literate in the area of construction. It will include study of the history of construction; the relationship of construction to energy, transportation, communication and manufacturing; materials and methods; types of structures; and impacts, especially societal. Lab activities will be largely problem-solving which will include designing, building, testing, and analyzing structures or components. Open to all students.

Transportation (0.5 units)
A course designed to explore the technology of moving goods and people in history, in current applications, and in the future. Energy technology will explore the nature of energy, how it is harnessed, power and energy systems, available sources, impact and conservation strategies. Open to all students.

Personal Auto Care (0.5 units)
An introductory course designed to develop a basic understanding of the automobile and to provide experience in routine automotive service and maintenance. Prerequisites: Sophomore class standing or above.

Auto Mechanics (0.5 units)
A course designed as a continuation of Personal Auto Care to provide more experience in the lab. Minimal homework. No textbook required. Prerequisite: Personal Auto Care

Projects in Technology Education (0.1-0.5 units)
A student who desires to pursue a subject in greater depth and detail may enroll for project study in auto mechanics, bicycle repair, crafts, drafting, graphics, metals, photography, plastics, and woodworking. Arrangements for these courses are made directly with the teacher who will arrange the time schedule, specific course requirements and prepare a course outline. Prerequisites: The foundation course in the chosen subject area with a minimum grade of B and permission of the instructor.

Vocational Education (credit as arranged)
Each year the academy, in cooperation with the College of Technology, offers vocational courses available to junior and senior students. Typical offerings include courses in plumbing, carpentry, masonry, auto mechanics, aviation and others. A current listing of available courses can be obtained from the academy records office.