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One religion class is required each semester a student is registered.

Personal Religion I (0.5 units)
A study of the purpose of the Bible as an inspired message from God, its history, its various versions, how it is organized and how to study it. It also covers the experiences of the families of Adam, Noah, and Abraham while also looking at God’s love for all people. Required of all freshmen. First semester.

Personal Religion II (0.5 units)
An introduction to the Gospel story and the years of Jesus’ life, His earthly ministry and teachings, His temptations in the wilderness, the choosing of the twelve, and the proclamation of His new kingdom, through the final week of His life including the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension.. Required of all freshmen. Second semester.

Old Testament History
(0.5 units)
A study of Israel from the period from Moses through Malachi. Principles applicable to current life will be stressed.

(0.5 units)
A study of the early Christian church through the Corinthian letters with applications to today’s personal spiritual experience.

Advent Movement
A study of the development of the Seventh‑day Adventist Church from William Miller to the present. Focuses on Adventism and the second coming: the gospel in final and full proclamation.

Old Testament Biographie
s (0.5 units)
A study of the lives and experiences of Old Testament personalities. Emphasis is placed on the way God worked out His will and mission though these individuals and how we can be instruments for Him.

Studies in John (0.5 units)
Using the book of John, this course is a devotional study of the life and teachings of Jesus that will provide impetus for spiritual growth and witnessing.

(0.5 units)
A study of Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice that provides the basis for pardon, reconciliation, and spiritual growth.

Gospel of Mark
(0.5 units)
An in depth study of the gospel of Mark using Bible study tools to unlock this explosive gospel.

Hebrews and the Sanctuary (0.5 units)
A study of the Mosaic tabernacle and its services with emphasis on the parallel ministry of Christ in Heaven, this course upholds Jesus as the true High Priest who has fully identified with us and secured our salvation by His death on the cross and ministry in the heavenly sanctuary.

Daniel and the Revelation (0.5 units)
A course which focuses on Christ’s redemptive role in contemporary life and in the broader prophetic events of the past, as well as those leading to His second coming.

Fundamental Beliefs (0.5 units)
A study of the basic Bible doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church, including the doctrines of law and grace, Sabbath and Sunday, death, hell, spiritualism, and the second advent.

Studies in Acts (0.5 units)
A study of the apostles and early Christians as portrayed in the book of Acts.

Psalms (0.5 units)
A study of selected psalms that direct the student’s awareness of emotions and psychology in the context of a relationship with God. Memorizing several Psalms is a notable portion of the grade.

Letters of Paul (0.5 units)
A study centered around several of Paul’s shorter letters to the early Christian churches.

Friendship and Dating (0.5 units)
A study of a Christian’s understanding of self and the dynamics of friendship and dating.

Christian Stewardship (0.5 units)
A study of the Biblical approach to stewardship of time, talents, resources, and money. Practical projects will be a significant part of the course. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and above.

Marriage and Family (0.5 units)
A study of marriage and family relationships including dating, mate selection, engagement, home religion, parenting, and family finance. Prerequisite: Open to Juniors and seniors only.

Life Philosophy and Moral Issues (0.5 units)
A survey designed to provide assistance in the development of a biblical philosophy of life, dealing with contemporary moral and ethical issues within the context of biblical principles.

Ellen G. White (0.5 units)
An examination of the life, times, and writings of Ellen G. White and their relevance to persons living in the twenty-first century.

Steps to Christ (0.5 units)
The E. G. White best seller Steps to Christ guides this course in a growing Christian experience for each student. How to enjoy living closer to Jesus will be the focus of the class. Maintaining a prayer request experience, writing, sharing, and questioning today’s Christian struggles in light of someone’s writing inspired by the Lord will be some of the activities of this course.

Personal Ministry I & II (0.5 units/semester)
A class designed to help students resolve conflicts in an effective and Biblically faithful manner through an increased understanding of self, others, and Biblical principles using the textbook Peace Makers.

Early Church History (0.5 units)
A study of the prosperity and persecution of the infant Christian Church from A.D. 70 to the nineteenth century and Christianity’s various attempts to evangelize the world.

Reformation History (0.5 units)
A study of individuals and theological issues that emerged during this period of religious awakening.

Beginning Bible Study Methods (0.5 units)
An in-depth study of a selected book of the Bible using the Bible and a concordance. Students will learn how to study passages in their immediate and larger context.

Survey of Western Philosophers (0.5 units)

Contagious Christianity (0.5 units)
A study of how to witness effectively one’s personal Christianity within the school setting and beyond. Working with their respective churches, students are encouraged to find opportunities to share their faith and fulfill the Gospel Commission.

Christian Authors (0.5 units)
An introduction to the life and works of Christian authors. Emphasis will be given to books that lend themselves to a devotional study.

Christian Nurture (0.5 units)
Students taking this course will brainstorm, plan, execute and evaluate our spring week of prayer at Andrews Academy. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Second semester.

Worldviews and Religion (0.5 units)
A study of worldviews, religious movements, contemporary denominations, cults, and world religions, as viewed from a biblical perspective.

Friendship Team (0.5 units)
This course is an outreach training experience. The students will be led through a practical, thematic series of studies in preparation for making presentations for churches services and other worship gatherings. Students taking this course are required to participate in the requirements of weekend and evening appointments. Public speaking is a definite part of this learning experience. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. First semester.

Evangelism (0.5 units)
A course intended to train students in various kinds of outreach to our community. Course content will vary depending on the teacher and the outreach opportunities available.