what will it cost?

The total budgeted educational cost per student for the 2018-2019 school year is $9,900.00. Subsidies from the Lake Union Conference, Michigan Conference, Andrews University and constituent churches permit the actual charge per student to be $8,950.00. The rate schedule is as follows, but please note that the tuition charges for students who withdraw early or for those who enroll late in the year will have their tuition charges pro-rated for the days they are enrolled:

Three to 6.3 Units
Ten monthly payments (Aug-May) $895.00
Above 6.3 Units, per unit (overload charge)
Less than 3 Units, per unit (part time student) $1,790.00
College Enrichment/Dual Enrollment, per credit $125.00
Carrying Charges (see description under Miscellaneous Money Matters in Sourcebook) 1% -unpaid balance
Lab Fees, per lab (Art, Home Economics, Photography, Technology) $100.00
Lifeguarding (includes certification & facility use) $150.00
Late Registration (assessed within 2 weeks of the first day of semester for new students) $50.00
Enrollment Fee $50.00


Credit by exam (per unit of credit) $100.00
Diploma Change $40.00
Diploma Fee (Graduation) $125.00
Early Departure Exam Fee $20.00
Failure to Follow Required Check-Out Procedure $25.00
Grade Change $5.00
Home School Course Evaluation, per course $25.00
Locker Damage $25.00
Lunch (students: 2017-18 subsidized rate of $4.50 per meal-18 meals $81.00) $4.50
Parents Positively Involved (PPI) allocation (included in tuition) $10.00
PE Uniforms (range from $25-$50)* $50.00
Replacement ID Cards $35.00
Returned Check $25.00
Schedule Change (after deadline) $5.00
Textbooks (range from $300-$650)* $650.00
Transcript Fee ($5-$10 depending on date required)* $10.00
Vehicle Registration $10.00

*Cost Varies

International Student Deposit $2,000.00
International Student Housing (negotiated with host family) Arranged
International Student Insurance (approximate annual charge-AU) $1575.00
International Student Registration Fee $250.00


Students may purchase used and new textbooks, gym uniforms and gym locker padlocks at the Textbook Services Center. These may be charged to the students account during the first week of each semester. Textbooks that are to be reused are repurchased and credited to the student's account at the end of the school year. Repurchase prices are set at 60% of the last price, or less if in poor condition.

The school calendar includes activities, trips and tours that are planned as meaningful options in addition to the regular academy program. Because student involvement in these experiences is optional, the cost of each activity is borne by the student participants through function fees paid by check or  in cash calculated for each activity. A list of these charges is published annually with the Schedule of Fees. >> DOWNLOAD FORM