2009 New NHS Members

The Alma L. Campbell Chapter of the National Honor Society inducts new students annually in February. The chapter sponsor personally invites students who meet the mimimum GPA requirements at the end of the first semester to apply. Prospective members' applications are reviewed by the NHS Council, composed of current faculty members, and students are notified by letter of their acceptance. The induction ceremony recognizes the accomplishments of the group. NHS members receive an endorsement on their transcript recognizing their status.

NHS Induction


Clifford Allen, Ryan Atkins, Lacey Barroso, Mark Bateman, Marcelo Caceres, Paola Caceres, Liann Chuah, Kaitlyn Dent, Givan Hinds, Soo Jin Kang, Annika Seibold, Chioma Tait, Joyce Yoon