NHS Standards

what we aspire to be

Membership consideration is based on the following criteria:

  1. The candidates shall be enrolled at the academy for at least one semester and have a minimum of sophomore status.
    Admission during the sophomore year is less likely than is admission during the junior or senior year since it takes time for most students to develop and demonstrate the qualities of service and leadership deemed so important for membership in the society.
  2. The candidates shall possess a sterling character.
    A sterling character is one free from the taint of immorality or even of moral ambiguity. Such an individual displays qualities such as cheerfulness, friendliness, commitment and cooperation. He or she is free from qualities such as disharmony, indolence, irresponsibility and fault-finding. Such a student upholds principles of morality and ethics, and demonstrates the highest standards of reliability and truthfulness. He/she follows instructions and rules, exhibiting punctuality and fidelity both inside and outside the classroom, and maintains a satisfactory citizenship status.
  3. The candidates shall show documented evidence of leadership, which is to be reported annually.
    The quality of such leadership is determined and evaluated by advisors of established organizations within the community, church or school. Merely holding an elected or appointed office is insufficient qualification for membership in the NHS. The developed ability to lead and influence others shall be verified through the advisor evaluation process referred to above.
  4. Candidates shall have accumulated a minimum of 25 hours of documented service during their secondary experience.
    The requirement of service continues throughout the time of membership and an annual investment of 25 hours constitutes a minimum level. Although the academy does sponsor annual service opportunities, it does not assume the responsibility to provide additional service activities for initial or continued membership. This is the responsibility of the student. The quality of initiative and responsibility required for this criterion are what the NHS seeks in a member.
  5. The candidates shall submit a one-page, doubled-spaced, typed essay as well as the candidate’s vita sheet.
  6. The candidates shall have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.50.
    Transfer students, to qualify, must first earn a 3.50 GPA from Andrews Academy. His/her transfer credits will then be integrated into the GPA to confirm or disqualify.