Getting Started in Online Study

Studying online is a great fit for some, but not for others. Check if online classes will be a good fit for you.

Video tutorial: How to Apply to an Online Program

Completing an online application can take as little as 10 minutes.  You will enter contact details, information about past studies, and choices of campus, program, and term to begin. Save time by having copies of transcripts for your high school completion and any higher education studies from accredited universities anywhere in the world.  If not in English, upload your translation with it. An admission decision will not be made until a complete official or unofficial copy of each transcript has been uploaded into the online application.

1. Click
2. Select undergraduate or graduate, and whether you wish to take a class for non-degree purposes or to begin a program of study (degree).
3. Create an account in the application system. Be sure to save the login so you can return to complete it later if needed.
4. Once created, click APPLICATION.

Once registered,

  • Students log in to to interact with a variety of learning activities in each course space.
  • Students purchase textbooks (some ebooks, some print) but many supplementary learning materials are accessed online (videos, audio, articles, images, etc.).  
  • Assignments are turned in online.
  • Most courses do include one or more exams online that must be completed in the presence of an approved proctor.

Tour a sample undergraduate online course. Orientation tutorial videos provide more information.

Online courses are offering in three delivery modes.  Consider the differences for each section number before registering.

After meeting with both your academic (contact info in iVue) and financial advisor (contact info in Financial Aid SSB), and completing online orientation, follow the steps to register and pay online;

Need more help? We're here for you:

Undergraduate students, email or call (269) 471-6323. 
Graduate students, email or call (269) 471-6321.

Students need to review State Authorizations before registering for classes. Do not register if your state is not included in the authorized list.  Check each time you plan to register, as regulations may change at any time.

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