Gunnar Lovhoiden

Gunnar Lovhoiden

Gunnar Lovhoiden

Title: Professor of Engineering
Office Location: Haughey Hall 320-A
Phone: (269) 471-6620

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PhD- Biomedical Engineering
University of Tennessee

MS-Biomedical Engineering
University of Tennessee

BS- Electrical Engineering
Walla Walla University



Dr. Gunnar Lovhoiden taught and advised at Andrews for several years before joining the Luminetx Technologies Corporation from 2005, and is now teaching at Andrews again. His courses include electronics, microprocessors, and logic circuit design. Though having graduated from Electrical Engineering he also enjoys the mechanical aspects of the field. At Luminetx Gunnar worked on commercializing his PhD project: the design and construction of a Vein Viewer™ prototype that could project vein patterns back unto the skin with high accuracy. Gunnar has also co-authored 16 papers ranging from vein imaging to bone densitometry. 

Gunnar is married to Linda and has three sons. For recreation he enjoys cross country skiing, biking, kayaking, going to the beach, and even baking an occasional pastry.