What creates a Leadership Certificate?  

LEAD 101: Fundamentals of Leadership (2-3 credits) - A class created with every student in mind. This class is designed to bring immediate and long-term value to any undergraduate degree by exploring basic leadership concepts, your individualized approach to leadership, team dynamics, and unlocking creativity.

LEAD200: Leadership Practicum (0 credits) - required every semester a student is enrolled in the certificate/minor program)- Learn how to navigate your college experience from a leadership perspective with the help of one-on-one coaching. Engage with a mentor, expand your knowledge base of leadership, and develop a growth plan designed to help you lead self, others, and organizations.                                   

LEAD496: Leadership Capstone (1 credit) – Over the course of the capstone experience, you will develop and present your leadership portfolio. This includes a reflection process describing personal growth and increasing theoretical understanding as well as a focus on preparing you to present your skills to future employers.                                      

LEAD498: Change Project (2 credits; can be spread over 2 semesters) – During the change project process, students will identify needed change, create a plan, attempt the change and study the resulting relationships and processes required to become a change agent.

Leadership Electives – Students will identify 6 credits worth of courses within their academic program that enriches their leadership repertoire, and will serve as cognates for their leadership certificate.