Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. Do I have to be a certificate/minor student to take classes?
a. No. Anyone enrolled at Andrews University can take classes from us. To see a listing of the courses we offer go to There are links to the courses offered and the class schedule on the left hand menu.

2. Do you offer any non-credit enrichment courses?
a. Yes we do! There are a variety of programs and services we offer. See our Tuesday Choices and Leadership Retreats for more details.

3. Does having the leadership certificate really make a difference?
a. Yes, yes, yes! There are several students that have received internship placements and job opportunities because they included Leadership Certificate student on their resume. Check out this FOCUS article on Chrissy Lairson. [Include Link]

4. Are there any classes I can take during the summer?
a. There are no classes offered. However, we will accommodate students who are working on change project and capstone courses during the summer.

5. I’m a junior. Is it too late to start the certificate?
a. No, if your schedule allows. Stop by the office or schedule an appointment to see if we can make it happen for you!

6. I’m in the Honors Program, Can I be a certificate or minor student?
a. Of course you can! Many other students have simultaneously been active in both programs.

7.   I’m active on campus in a leadership role. Is it possible to earn academic credit for that?
a. Yes! We know you are already active and making a difference on campus. Through Lead 200 and the Change Project your experience as a club leader, resident advisor, and community involvement will be placed on your academic transcript. 

8.   What is the coaching center? Where is it located?
a. The Coaching Center is located in the Campus Center, next to the Leadership Office. While waiting for your food in the Gazebo, come check us out!

9.   Can you help me figure out if my major is the right one for me?
a. By working with the Counseling and Testing Center and through our complimentary life coaching, we have professionals that are ready to work with you to try and assist you in your life calling.

10.   I’m close to graduating. What do you offer to help me transition into my career?

11.   How can I access the uLead monthly newsletter?

a. If you are registered for LEAD 200 you should be receiving them in your inbox.  You can access our current and past newsletters online here. 

12.   How long has the undergraduate leadership program existed?
a. The first undergraduate leadership class was offered in Fall 2008. Since then the program has grown offering a certificate and a minor.  In May 2012 the first recipients of the Randall Leadership Certificate graduated.

13.   How can I work in the Leadership office as an intern?

Certificate Questions

1. How do I become a part of the certificate program?
a. It’s easy.  First, take the class LEAD 101.  This is your entry and application into the uLead program.  From there you will develop your certificate with the guidance of the uLead office.
2. Why is LEAD 200 a zero credit class?
a. This is an opportunity for you to get recognition on your transcript for things you are involved with that are non-academic either on or off campus.  By making this zero credits, we are saving you money.  It is also zero credits because it has no “in-class” time and also doesn’t affect your credit load for the semester.
3. Can I take LEAD 200 while abroad (ACA or Student Missionary)?
a. Yes you can.  Just register for the class while you are abroad.  You will need to stay active in a leadership role and also keep up to date with continuing educational discussions. 
4. What’s the difference between the Change Project and the Capstone?
a. The Change Project in an intense semester focusing on the results that you have found on your Change Project.  This is when you begin to compile all your data for presentation during the Leadership Celebration that will normally take place during your Capstone Semester.
5. What is the change project?
a. The Change Project is a key part of the Leadership Certificate/Minor Program.  This is designed for you to focus in on something that you have a passion about developing and making a distinct change in.  The amazing part of this though is that learning leadership
b. There are circumstances when goals may not be met.  The beauty of the Change Project is that this is when the most amount of learning and growth take place.  The key to the change project is the distinct learning and growth that brought you through this experience. 
6. What is the purpose of the Board of Director Groups?
7. I’m supposed to have a mentor. How does that happen?
8. What is a cognate course?

a. A cognate course is implemented into your certificate without having to take extra work.  For instance, while you are taking a selected course for your major, your goal is to extract a leadership component and implement it to your Leadership Portfolio.
9. What is the purpose of a practicum? What is a good practicum?
a. Practicum is designed to give you credit for the leadership practices that you are already apart of either on or off campus. 
b. Practicum takes part in 3 different categories.  First is leadership within self.  Second is leadership within others.  Third is leadership within an organization.
c. Some examples of this would be being intentional about reading a personal development book.  Another would be challenging your suitemates to study more vs. gaming.  Finally, leadership within an organization is a more traditional approach in finding something you want to be apart of and make an impact within that organization. 
10.   How do I become a Board of Directors coach?
11.   What are the responsibilities of the Board of Director’s coach?
12.   What are the details that comprise the portfolio?
a. LEAD class time
b. Cognates
c. Practicum
d. Change Project

Minor Questions

1. How do I earn a minor in Leadership?
2. How is the minor different than the certificate?
3. How many credits do I need?

a. For you minor you will take 20-21 credit hours.
4. What classes can I take to fulfill the credit requirement?
5. Do I need to be enrolled in LEAD 200 for the minor?
a. Yes you do.  LEAD 200 will be part of your practicum for the minor.
6. Will I receive the Randall Leadership Medallion?
a. Yes you will.  By completing the minor you also complete the requirements for the certificate program.
7. Can I do an independent study?
a. Yes you can.  Independent studies are possible, however they are accepted case by case.  For more information consult with Dave Ferguson or Enoc Lopez in the uLead office.