What creates a Leadership Minor?

The leadership minor builds on the leadership certificate by diving deeper into the mechanics of leadership, learning to listen well and ask good questions and creatively addressing complex problems within a team. In addition to the Certificate requirements, a Minor includes:

LEAD220: Creative Problem Solving (3 credits) – Creative Problem Solving seeks to dive deeply into creative and critical thinking processes that will prepare students to address new and emerging issues in the world around them.

LEAD310: Theories of Leadership (3 credits)  – By engaging in the study of theories, students gain an understanding of the leadership points of view swirling around them. This course will help decode the conversation and actions of others who may use similar language while intending different things. Finally, this course will facilitate the student’s personalized construction of a practicable theory of leadership.

LEAD320: Introduction to Coaching (3 credits)  – This course gives the student theory and practice in impacting those around them to become a better version of themselves. Participants in this class will acquire the coveted skills allowing them to move into groups or teams and increase the performance and engagement of others.