Student Stories

"The Undergraduate Leadership Program at Andrews University has developed my communication skills, expanded my network, and allowed me to discover which type of leader I am. Leadership has changed my perspective to look at life as an opportunity to serve. I am confident that the ULead Program is giving me the necessary tools to help me be a successful leader beyond my time here at Andrews University and I'm thankful for this program that has equipped me to succeed confidently in the next chapter of my life."

-Heidy Beras
Speech Language Pathology & Audiology Student
Minors in Leadership & Portuguese
"Before leadership, I was super introverted. Now, I’m more confident when talking to new people. I also talk more when in small groups, especially when it’s something I’m passionate about. When my images are critiqued in my photography classes, I’m more able to defend the reasons for my projects."
-Joanna Jones
Photography Student
Minor in Leadership
"The best part about the ULEAD Program is that it helps you discover what your strengths are. Not only does the program help define those strengths, but it also helps you exercise and challenge them in practical ways. This program has ultimately taught me the value of different types of leadership styles. Each of us can become influential leaders by staying true to our identity."
-Austin Chatman
Business Accounting, Minors in Leadership and Management
"Through the ULead Program, I've gained the perspective of developing leadership skills (and being conscious of the process of acquiring them) in my everyday life as a student. I appreciate that I didn't need to become a manager in a company to learn these skills. Many classes are focused on theory without drawing a practical application, but the ULead program is focused on making the information relatable to you, no matter what you are studying. The program also helped me evaluate the way things are done in society in a different and unique way, encouraging me not to be afraid to do something new and outside the box."
-Sarah Henry-Saturne
Business Management Student
Minor in Psychology
Certificate in Leadership