Ron Coffen

Ron Coffen

Ron Coffen

Title: Professor of Counseling Psychology
Director, Andrews Community Counseling Center

Office Location: Bell Hall 157C
Phone: (269) 471-3491
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PhD, MA, University of Maryland Baltimore County
BS, Andrews University


I was born in Massachusetts, lived in Tennessee for 10 years, spent most of my growing-up years in Maryland, attended undergrad in Michigan, returned to Maryland for my graduate education, did my internship in Kansas, and was called back to Michigan to teach and raise my two children.  I "married up" when Jenni agreed to marry me in 1996.  We love mountains (especially the Canadian Rockies), day hikes, walks on Sabbath afternoons, Geocaching, The Great Brain series of books, and Chuck (especially the first 2 seasons).  Personally, I enjoy computer programming, video editing, digital still photography, racquetball, ping-pong, and volleyball.  I have a small private practice seeing children and adolescents for psychotherapy in Buchanan, MI.  I have a passion for doing things to a high standard and efficiently.  My pet peeves are dishonesty and not following directions.


Current Research or Professional Activities

I am working on publications related to the dissertations which I am currently chairing (e.g., distress tolerance, resilience, and post-doc supervision). I am also interested in research related to children/adolescents in general. Because of my position as director of the Andrews Community Counseling Center, I am also interested in therapy-related research (e.g., outcome research, influence of record-keeping on treatment and treatment outcomes, etc.).

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