Renette Portecop-Prentice

Renette Portecop-Prentice

Renette Portecop-Prentice

Title: School Psychology Program Coordinator

Office Location: Bell Hall #162
Phone: (269) 471-3567


Ed.S. School Psychology, Andrews University, 2005
M.A. Educational and Developmental Psychology, Andrews University 2003
B.A. Elementary Education, University of the Virgin Islands, 1999


I was born and raised in the Caribbean, and moved to the mainland U.S. to attend graduate school in the early 2000s.  Prior to moving, I taught at the elementary level. I worked as a school psychologist for more than 11 years before becoming an assistant professor in the Department of Graduate Psychology and Counseling in 2017. I’m a married mother of 4, and love traveling with my family.

Current Research or Professional Activities

I’m currently researching teacher self-efficacy for educating students with autism spectrum disorder, but enjoy variety of other research interests.