Carole Woolford-Hunt

Carole Woolford-Hunt

Carole Woolford-Hunt

Title: Chair, Professor
Counseling Psychology Program Coordinator

Office Location: Bell Hall 167
Alternate Phone: (269) 471-3473


PhD, Western Michigan University
MEd, Northeastern University
BS, Andrews University


Dr. Woolford-Hunt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Graduate Psychology and Counseling and the Program Coordinator for the Counseling Psychology PhD program. Dr. Woolford-Hunt was born and raised in London England where she attended The Stanborough Park SDA Secondary school before coming to the U.S. to attend university. 

Dr. Woolford-Hunt is married with two young children whom she describes as her ‘raison d’être’. As a result her hobbies are “her children” who she and her husband endeavor to expose to their joint passions for travel, books, art and and meeting people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Woolford-Hunt was a professor in Chicago for eight years in a Clinical Psychology Doctoral program before joining the faculty here at Andrews in 2008. Her professional work includes provision of clinical services, teaching, research and presentations on the intersect of culture and psychology.  She believes that maintaining these multiple roles, though demanding, provides her with a variety of profession experiences within the field of psychology that inform her classroom teaching, academic advising and clinical work. 

Current Research or Professional Activities

*Refereed Journal Articles

Gabriel, E. S., & Woolford-Hunt, C. J. (2009).  Curbing Violence in Schools:  Implications for Christian Educators.  Submitted to Teach Journal, Australia, for publication in May 2009.

*Poster Presentations

      Midwestern Psychological Association April 2010-Chicago

The Relationship between the Development of Multicultural Competencies, Counselor-in-training’s Spiritual Experience and Counselor-in-training’s Ethnicity

(Carole Woolford-Hunt, PhD, Nancy Carbonell, PhD, Tevni Grajales, PhD)

      Society of Psychotherapy Research International Conference 2008- Spain

      Racial Identity Development and Implicit Bias: ‘The tip of the iceberg’

Carole Woolford-Hunt, Ph.D., Leslie Skaistis and Kimberly Shore 
Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University / Chicago 

Psychoneuroendocrine Responses to Perceived Difference. (Woolford-Hunt,. Murray-Nseula, Grajales, 2010-2011Grant funded work-in -progress)

Managing Competing Epistemologies: The Process of Integrating Cultural, Religious and Theoretical Orientation Systems. (C. Woolford-Hunt, PhD; D. Van Dyke, PhD - Work in progress)