PhD Educational Psychology

PhD Educational Psychology - School Psy Emphasis 

The Ph.D. in Educational Psychology- School Psychology emphasis builds on the NASP approved Ed.S. in school psychology.  School psychologists work in public and private school systems, colleges and universities, preschool and child-development centers, and private practice. Typical responsibilities include assessment, diagnosis, consultation, program planning and intervention services to preschool and school-age children with educational, emotional and behavioral problems. This degree extends the school psychologist’s skills in the area of supervision or more in-depth understanding of school psychological practice, and research methodology. Since this degree builds on the Ed.S. degree, certification/licensure as a school psychologist is advisable. If certification has not been met prior to enrollment in the doctoral program, the sequence of courses from the EdS program must be completed as part of the doctoral program.

Degree Requirements:

EdS - EdS in a state-approved School Psychology program (69 credits if taken at AU)

Course# School Psychology Focus CREDITS
School Psychology Focus  
GDPC629 Psychopathology: Classification & Treatment 3
GDPC670 Advanced Social Psychology 3
GDPC834 Seminar in Educational/School Psychology 3
Supervision Focus  
EDAL560 K-12 Law 3
EDAL570 Principles of Educational Supervision 2-3
EDAL635 Human Resources Administration 2-3
Total Focus Area Credits 9


course# research credits
EDRM505 Research Methods                              3
EDRM605 Qualitative Research Methods in Education & Psychology 3
EDRM611 Applied Statistical Methods I   3
EDRM704 Design & Analysis of Educ & Psychology Surveys 3
EDRM710 Seminar in Research Methods 1
EDRM712 Applied Statistical Methods II 3
EDRM713 Applied Statistical Methods III 3
EDRM880 Dissertation Proposal Development 2
  Total Research Credits 21

Research Experience:  This requirement is met in EDRM712 and 713.  Transfer students who have taken related courses elsewhere must see their advisor for appropriate procedures.


Students completing the Ed.S. School Psychology program at Andrews University need not take any electives. Students who obtained their Ed.S. in an institution other than Andrews University must complete 9 credits of doctoral electives at Andrews University. Included in these credits must be EDFN500.  If students received their EdS in School Psychology at Andrews University, the following courses must have been included:


GDPC626 Cognitive Psychology                                                                      3         
GDPC638 Group Processes 3
GDPC686 Interventions and Diagnosis with Children and Adolescents 3
  Total Elective Credits 9


GDPC899 Doctoral Dissertation 14
  TOTAL PhD Degree Credits 90+


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