Degree Requirements for EdS School Psychology

Coursework Credit Hours: 53 Credits
Practicum & Internship Credit Hours: 12 Credits
TOTAL:  65 Credits

Comprehensive Exams: Required two-part exam
(two day on-campus written exam)

Length of Program:

This three year program consists of two years full time coursework/practica and a one year 1200 hour full-time internship.  Students must follow the sequence laid out by the program in order to complete the program within this timeframe.  The Graduate Psychology & Counseling Department requires students to complete all degree requirements within seven years of acceptance into the program. 

Additional important information about being a specialist student in the School of Education can be found in the SED Specialist Handbook.  Students are strongly encouraged to read this handbook carefully along with the University’s Academic Bulletin.  Degree requirements for the EdS School Psychology program can be found by viewing the program in the Academic Bulletin.

Master’s en Route

After their first year in the program, all School Psychology students who have completed the prescribed courses and passed master’s level comprehensive exams are eligible to graduate with a MA Educational Psychology – Instructional Emphasis.  Completion of all master’s degree requirements is a prerequisite for progressing onto internship.  The master’s degree does not meet requirements for licensing or endorsement as a school psychologist, but its completion allows students to apply for the Preliminary Michigan School Psychology license, which is beneficial in the internship placement process. 

Comprehensive Exams

In addition to required coursework, practicum, and internship, all students must pass a two-day comprehensive exam.  The exams are held three times each year in March, June, and October.  Specific dates can be obtained from the Graduate Services Coordinator, or the department’s Administrative Assistant. 

Recommended Course Sequence

In order for students to complete their program within three years, a recommended sequence of coursework is provided.  This sequence is subject to change as deemed necessary by the program faculty. 

Course Name and Credits per Semester

GDPC617 Seminar in Professional School Psychology: Ethical, Professional & Legal Issues - 3
GDPC635 Theories & Tech of Counseling - 3
GDPC644 Psychological Testing - 3
GDPC634 Cognitive and Biological Psychology - 3
GDPC642 Behavioral & Emotional Problems of Children - 3
GDPC614 Human Development - 3
GDPC652 Cognitive Assessments - 3
GDPC649 Crisis Intervention - 1
GDPC525 Psychology & Education of Exceptional Children - 3
EDRM505 Research Methods - 3
EDFN500 Phil. Foundations for Professionals - 2

GDPC656 Reading Assessment & Intervention - 3
GDPC651 Behavioral & Educational Assessment - 3
GDPC686 Interventions and Diagnosis with Children and Adolescents - 3
GDPC753 Psy Decision Making & Interv - 3
GDPC555 Early Childhood Issues and Assessment - 2
GDPC654 Practicum - 6
GDPC672 Psychoeducational Consultation - 3
 GDPC641 Education of Students with Math and Writing Disabilities  - 3
 GDPC676 Theories of Personality - 3
GDPC810 Internship - 3
GDPC810 Internship - 3