The Higher Education Admin Program



This is a 5-day event. New participants are invited to attend the School of Leadership Orientation Session which takes place during the month of July each year. 

Annual Leadership Conference
All participants are invited to attend the 1-day conference. This takes place the week immediately following new participant orientation and is open to the public as well.


All participants are required to attend this 2.5-day program event. Roundtable provides a structured approach to navigating the program at every level, face-to-face opportunities for networking, advisor appointments, and progression meetings, and rich learning sessions for everyone.

This program provides advanced academic preparation for professionals interested in working in different management areas of higher education.

Our courses examine the policies, practices, and contemporary issues faced by colleges and universities, and offer opportunities to develop managerial skills and leadership competencies.


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Would you like to serve as a university administrator, faculty member, researcher, or policy maker at a public or private institution, agency, or association of higher education?  We can help you to polish the necessary skills.  Contact us today!

One highlight of our program is a required study tour. Here are some past ones: