Doctor of Leadership Program (D.LEAD)



The Doctor of Leadership (DLead) program is an online program designed for mid-career leaders who want to refine and refresh their leadership practice. It is a doctoral program that is competency-driven and project-focused but without the dissertation. Instead of the research focus of the PhD, the DLead focuses on a final change project that uses data to inform decision-making.

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Key Features

16 Courses + Doctoral project

The program uses a flexible learning structure that is learner-driven, life-embedded, and competency-focused. 

Work with other leaders world-wide

The Leadership program employs a learning model that values the power of learning communities and harnesses the benefits of networking with others from a variety of leadership settings. Our participants join us from around the globe—Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Online Program

The program is designed for busy professionals, primarily as an online program with short yearly visits. Your first year in the program provides for a one-week face-to-face orentation experience, held on the main campus in Berrien Springs. Additionally, annual Leadership Conference and Roundtable events bring the Leadership Program community together. Both in these short yearly meetings, as well as in your online classes, you will be able to interact with instructors throughout and engage in significant sharing and evaluation of learning related to leadership competency development.

Develop your own specialty

Through a rigorous process of coursework study; reflection and publishing, participants can apply for a specialty concentration. See bulletin for details. 

Professional Doctorate

No dissertation required
“With its strong emphasis on reflection and synthesis, the Leadership Program at Andrews University transformed my leadership, opening opportunities to lead in venues I would never have imagined.” Because this is a Professional Leadership Doctorate, the DLead requires a doctoral project, an integrative experience that brings together competency development, theoretical learning, reflection on experience, and is all documented in a work-related change project. 

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Brazil DLead in Leadership UNASP, Job-Embedded Design (Portuguese)

This cohort-based program sponsored by the South-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists is offered in Portuguese through our partner site at the Adventist University Center of Sao Paulo in Engenheiro Coelho (UNASP), in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The program is competency-based and is conducted in five intensive sessions. It is designed to be completed in two and a half years.

For more information, contact director (Portuguese) Robson Marinho.




 Call: +1-269-471-6580



 Program Director

  Randy J. Siebold, PhD