Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Nathan A Norris norrisn Student
Nikitha M Nelapudi nikitha Student
Sassa C N'Diaye naissa Student
Nicholas G Navarro nicholasn Student
Nadia E Nosworthy nosworthy Employee (269)471-6175 Assistant Professor
Graduate Psychology and Counseling
BH 162
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0104
Nadine W Larcher larcher Student
Nelson J Da Silva Filho dasilvafil Student
Stephen M Nelson nelsons Student
Noberthe H Jean-Baptiste noberthe Student
Nathaniel Chung chungn Student
Yijie Niu yijie Student
Nick W Craig-Martin craigmartin Student
Nathaly P Manrique nathalym Student
Neil O Pagunsan pagunsan Student
Coylean A Norris coylean Student
Neal Ramroop ramroop Student
Naoko Jacobson naoko Employee (269)471-3339 Administrative Assistant
School of Business Administration
CSH 218
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0022
Natalie S Briggs briggsn Student
Nathan K Blosser Employee
Marina I Noverola noverola Student
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