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Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Hong, Andrew J. honga Student
Ivanov, Andrey ivanov Student
Jakobsons, Andrea M. moskalov Employee (269)471-6372 Bible Instructor
Andrews Academy
AA A26
Kachalaba, Andrey kachalaba Student
Kelly, Andrew S. akelly Student
Kertawidjaja, Andrew S. kertawdjaja Student
Kharkovyy, Andriy L. andriy Employee (269)471-3689 Director
Office of Alumni Services
Khoury, Andrea N. khoury Student
King, Andrew J. kinga Student
Krause, Andrew krausea Student
Kroepel, Andrew R. kroepel Student
Lam, Andres S. lama Employee (269)471-6711 PC Support Specialist
Information Technology Services
IS 115
Lee, Andrew S. andrewl Student
Lee, Andrew Kang You andrewjang Student
Lima, Anderson D. lima Student
Lizardo, Andres M. andresl Student
Luntungan, Andreas S. andreas Student
Luxton, Andrea T. aluxton Employee (269)471-3100 President
ADM 318
Merideth, Andrew J. merideth Student
Merzeus, Andy merzeus Student
Muck, Andrew B. Student
Nixon, Andrew J. nixona Student
Ortiz, Andrew E. ortiza Student
Palacios, Andres D. andresp Student
Park, Andrew H. parka Student
Peralta, Andres J. peraltaa Student
Philbert, Andrew P. philberta Student
Pickett, Andrew picketta Employee

Pickett, Andrew J. andrewp Student
Pusey, Andrea N. apusey Employee

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