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Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Kirkland, Asia S. kirkland Student
Kiser, Alexanderia J. alexanderia Student
Klein, Amanda Student
Kling, Amanda J. kling Student
Koerting, Chandler M. koerting Student
Landaverde, Aizik A. aizik Student
Landeck, Pamela M. pamela Student
Leite, Fernando D. leite Student
Lewis, Amanda L. amandal Student
Lista, Fernando listaole Student
Liu, Rowland S. rowlandl Student
Logan, David W. logand Employee (269)471-3223 Mechanical
Long, Alexander M. longa Student
Lonto, Randall D. lonto Employee (269)471-3213

Lowry, Brandon L. lowryb Employee Sr Windows Administrator
ITS-Servers and Networks
IS 205
Luke, Leandra L. leandral Employee

Mack, Randal K. randal Student
(269)471-2524 Paint Foreman
Plant Services
PLANT PaintShp
Maforah, Mandisa A. mandisa Student
Manders, Kenneth L. manders Student
Markland, Bajel B. markland Student
Marston, Sandra L. marston Student
Martinez-Hernandez, Maria C. mariam Student
Maxwell, Randyle K. randyle Student
McAndrew, Emily K. emilym Student

Mccord, Alexander R. mccord Student
McFarland, Mason T. mcfarland Student
McKay, Ali L. alixandra Student
Meseraull, Amanda S. meseraull Employee Contract Teacher
Center for Intensive English Programs
NH 203
Miller, Cassandre N. cassandrem Student
Minandi, San Laouna san Student
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