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Randriamialison, Neat H. neat Student
Randrianaina, Harinandrasana A. harinandrasa Student
Raney, Alexandra F. alexandrar Student
Ratsimandresy, Melchisedek A. melchisedek Student
Razafindrabe, Landy M. landy Student
Rehmel, Brandy R. rehmel Student
Reiner, Alixandria P. alixandria Student
Rigby-Barrett, Sandra rigbybarret Employee

Rishko, Oleksandr rishko Student
Robertson, Randall D. rrobertson Employee (269)471-3547 Associate Prof of Aviation
RSB 119
Robinson, Leandro G. robinson Student
Rodriguez, Rolando rolandor Student
Rosales, Orlando J. rosaleso Student
Sanchez, Randy randys Student
Sanda, Luc sanda Student
Sanders, Amanda E. sandersa Student
Sandoval, Leslie S. leslies Student
Sandoval, Sandro D. sandro Student
Sarria, Alejandro sarria Student
Seawood, Brandi J. seawood Student
Sherman, David S. shermand Student
Shin, Brandon J. shinb Student
Shipp, Chandra J. chandras Student
Sidorenko, Alexandre A. sidorenko Student
Siebold, Randy J. rjs Employee (269)471-3200 Assoc Professor of Leadership
BH 173C
Sigamani, Valerie E. hernandv Student
Silva, Brandon S. silvab Student
Silva, Sandra G. ssandra Student
Smith, John-Andrew M. johnandrew Student
Soto Lolandes, Joel A. joels Student
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