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The Gazebo Closure

Brendan Syto

Photo by Qualyn Robinson

“We want breakfast burritos and we want them now!,” says Casey Gultom (sophomore, aviation). “Open it up!” says Luke Drew (sophomore, medical lab science). Gultom and Drew are two of many individuals who would like the Andrews University Gazebo to resume serving regular food items on its menu. Indeed, Gultom and Drew have been to the Gazebo in the past. However, some students at Andrews University have never been to the Gazebo. What do they think of the closure? Jason Regneantu (freshman, biochemistry), says he feels “kind of disappointed” about the Gazebo being closed. Both new and returning students want the Gazebo to open. So why is it closed?

The Gazebo closure can be explained by an email sent by the Vice President for Financial Administration, Chip Meekma. In this email, titled “Gazebo Open for Retail Only,” it was announced that “due to a shortage of staff, the Gazebo will be open for retail only as of Friday, Aug. 20, 2021, and until (there is) a full team.” Since not enough workers are available, the Gazebo has limited its menu to only retail items. As of when this article was written, it has been over a month without the full menu. What do people want or miss from the Gazebo? When asked what he would get from the Gazebo if it opens, Jason said, “probably a breakfast burrito.” N. M. (junior, business) says, “I miss the quesadillas, Beyond Burgers, and other hot foods.” Students want their favorite foods to return to the Gazebo. But the closure has affected students in another way.

The Gazebo closure is specifically restricting food options on campus. An insight made by R. J. (senior, finance) was, “no one has options other than the cafeteria [for food].” Not only are student favorites unavailable, but the school cafeteria has become the sole source for student meals. As a result, many students are getting food from off campus more frequently than when the Gazebo was open. The drawbacks of the Gazebo closure are evident. What would be a reasonable solution to the closure?

Some students have suggestions for reopening the Gazebo. Speaking on background, one person suggests, “If you don’t have a job yet, please work in the Gazebo.” If more people join the Gazebo staff, then there may be a way for regular menu items to return. More staff in the Gazebo could mean regular food items coming back to the menu. Student favorites may not be served at the moment but could come again shortly. Once the Gazebo staff shortage gets resolved, there may be a way for breakfast burritos to return. 

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