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The AUnited Fashion Show

Solana Campbell

Photo by Dawson Par

Saturday night, the doors to Johnson Gym opened to a completely transformed space. Black curtains shielded the Gymnics practice area from view. Chairs were set up and spotlights were on to define a clear walkway. Music boomed out from the speakers as people took their seats. This was the AUnited Fashion Show.

The show started strong with a phenomenal presentation from the Caribbean Club. Students marched, posed, and put on a smile for the judges. From The Andrews Indonesian Club (AIC) to the Black Student Christian Forum (BSCF), cultural clubs put time and effort into their performances as well as the mix of both traditional and modern outfits. Some clubs included presentations, while the group that represented the Philippines even included a full-length skit. Some highlights of the night, other than the technical issues, would be the AIC’s walkthrough to the tune of “Run It” from Marvel Studios’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” the Andrews University Latino Association’s (AULA) beautifully hand-painted jackets and capes, Judson Lall’s (freshman, biology) enthusiastic dance down the runway, Patrice Robinson’s (sophomore, social work) golden sun headdress, The Pinoy skit about the true meaning of fashion in the Philippines, and Ife Kolade (sophomore, business)’s gorgeous red and green traditional African outfit. While the AUnited Fashion Show may have been a new addition to Andrews social events, it was certainly a memorable one. Here’s what your fellow AU students had to say about the night:

“I had an amazing time at the AUnited fashion show. Not only did I get the opportunity to see what people from different cultures wore, I also got to learn about those cultures and get a short history lesson on clothing from different countries.”
Lisa Kamikazi (senior, engineering)

“This was an awesome experience for me personally. As someone who is half-Filipino, I felt that I learned a lot about my own roots and the rich history behind the culture that I oftentimes take for granted. Working with this team was such an enjoyable experience for me and I know that our moments shared together are moments I’ll never forget.”
Chris Mindanao (graduate, seminary)

“I really liked watching all the different clubs present their different cultures. I found it really interesting that each club was able to create both an individual and holistic experience. Each club had a very unique approach to presenting their cultural clothes.”
Zachary Alignay (sophomore, medical laboratory science)

“Participating in the fashion show is a memory I will never forget. As a first generation Filipino, I truly felt that Filipino culture was represented during the fashion show. I am thankful that we were provided with a space and platform to show our culture.”
Kenneth Paronda (senior, accounting)

“I think the night was really great. I think the energy was great. Everyone was so enthusiastic about the performance. I really liked when the audience started chanting, it was very mob-core, a vibe!”
Alannah Tjhatra (junior, biochemistry)

The winners of the designated prize money were:
First place ($700): The Filipino Community
Second place ($500): Andrews University Latino Association (AULA)
Third place ($300): African Student Association (ASA)

The following are statements from the first and second-place winners:

"With less than two weeks to prepare and rehearse everything, I'm both surprised and elated to see how well it turned out. It was a three-man team between Hope Malabrigo (senior, social-work),  Brent Laporre (senior, medical laboratory science) who wasn't even on campus, and I to research, write, record the script, organize and create the costumes, and direct all the models to craft a story that represents not only our cultural history, but our nation's heart through its fashion. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of our models who pulled through with their multiple quick-changes and amazing acting skills. We had all hands on deck, and our efforts shone through that night. Pinoy pride!"
Franky Paypa (junior, pre-physical therapy) of the Filipino community

“The opportunity to participate in the fashion show meant having the chance to show who we truly are: ‘Made in Latin America.’ During the creative process, our goal was to portray the beauty in the diversity of all of Latin America with different shapes and colors, representing what it means to be Latino. Besides the beauty, we wanted to showcase the great struggles of being part of the community: discrimination, machismo, and social-economic problems. Still, against all odds, we are proud to be Latinos. Through the clothing, the message of beauty in diversity was depicted by having multi-ethnic models and hand-made pieces designated to represent the models’ culture. As AULA, we are grateful for the opportunity to tell Andrews University about the significance of the Latino community for students on campus.”
AULA Officers

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