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Andrews Adoration

Interviewed by Reagan Westerman

Photo by Youngbo Chun

As Andrews University celebrates its 150th year of launching students into changing the world, we are provided an opportune time for the current student body to share what they enjoy about attending Andrews. 


“I would say my favorite aspect about attending Andrews is the people. I’ve made such great friends here that I’m so grateful for every day. I also appreciate the focus on academics. While we enjoy our fun, I feel like people in general understand that our primary purpose here is to actually study, learn, and earn our degrees. And this might be an unpopular opinion but I love the winters here. I love the snow, and I love going to St. Joseph and seeing the frozen lake. And of course, I would say that the biggest strength and most unique aspect of our University is its diversity. I think it’s very cool that our students come from so many different places around the world, and I hope that our university continues to celebrate this and will protect student diversity on campus.” 

Reagan McCain (junior, history)


“I like the new boba addition in the Wellness Center. It’s nice to have something to spend my cafe account money on besides just food from the Gazebo. So, Andrews is pretty unique for that. Another thing that makes Andrews unique is the snow hill that students can go down in the winter. Due to the climate here, it’s specific to the Andrews community! Besides the different things on the Andrews campus, I like the diverse clubs and organizations. You don’t see that on many college campuses, to be honest. There are PCN (Pinoy/Pilipino Cultural Night), BSCF (Black Student Christian Forum) activities, and so many more culture-specific events that any student can attend! Andrews is overall what you make of it. They have unique activities, but you have to look for them. You gotta create the experience you want for yourself here and if the opportunity isn’t here, then create it.” 

Reagan Westerman (sophomore, psychology)


“One of my favorite aspects of Andrews is that it’s a smaller school. Because it is a small school, I feel like it’s been easier to get to know people on campus. I think Andrews is unique in that it has a very diverse population, and I really appreciate getting to know people with different life experiences from me!” 

Elizabeth Dovich (senior, communication)


“My time at Andrews University has struck the perfect balance for me in several ways. For starters, being part of a community that deeply values its Christian principles really stands out. It's more than just academics here; it's about personal and spiritual growth, which I've found to be incredibly rewarding. Additionally, the chance to compete as a college athlete has been a fantastic experience. It goes beyond the sport itself—it's about learning teamwork, discipline, and pushing your limits, all of which have been invaluable lessons. The past four years of continuing my studies at Andrews have been transformative. The quality of education and the supportive atmosphere have significantly contributed to my growth. This blend of rigorous academics, a faith-driven environment, and athletic engagement has made my experience at Andrews not just fulfilling, but also a lot of fun. It’s been the ideal combination of focusing on my studies, nurturing my faith, and enjoying my passion for sports.”

Riley Hicks (senior, marketing and management)


“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Andrews for many reasons! It is easy, of course, to say because of my amazing program of Speech Pathology and Audiology, with its faculty and all the unique opportunities it provides for our future. While this is all true, I’d say what makes AU that much more special is the people I’ve found here. My friends from AU are people I’ll hold close forever. The community, diversity, intelligence, kindness, talent, and beauty I’ve found in the students here is extraordinary. For those reasons, I will be eternally grateful.”

Sydney Reeves (senior, speech pathology & audiology) 


“My perspective of attending Andrews has been pretty positive! My professors are super nice and super helpful in everything I do! It can be really hard sometimes with inaccessibility on campus, but that’s a whole other thing. I think what makes Andrews unique and what I love about it is the diversity! There are amazing people from all over the world that I get to meet every day. We also have a lot of dedicated teachers. I love all the flowers and trees Andrews has planted to make this campus beautiful!” 

Lexie Dunham (junior, psychology) 


“Smaller classroom settings, having the chances to get to know your professors on a personal level, the gym, vespers and the worship on Friday night and Saturdays.”

Ceiry Flores (senior, speech pathology and Spanish)

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