The Student Movement

Last Word

Our “Last Words” of the Year

Andrews University Student Movement Staff

The “Last Word” of the Student Movement is an editorial that the editor-in-chief or a newspaper staff member writes weekly at the end of our publication. For this publication, our last of the year and our celebration of 150 years, we want to leave you with a different kind of “last word.” The following are the literal last words of our staff members this year that they would like to leave you with as we reflect on the past and embrace the future. Happy Sesquicentennial!

“Rest” - Chris Ngugi

“Serenity” - Wambui Karanja

“Énouement” - Amelia Stefanescu

“Effervescence” - Nathaniel Reid

“Intentionality” - Melissa Moore

“Lucky” - Grace No

“Reminisce” - Ian Freeman

“Elation” - Gio Lee

“Ikigai” - Abby Shim

“Þetta reddast” - Lily Burke

“Thank you” - Dr. Scott Moncrieff

The Student Movement is the official student newspaper of Andrews University. Opinions expressed in the Student Movement are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors, Andrews University or the Seventh-day Adventist church.