Academic Advisors

Our caring scholars are waiting for you!

They are here to help you register for classes and answer questions about your academic future. Your advisor's name and contact information are listed in your iVue page. 

Introduce yourself and send an introductory email. They will be delighted to hear from you and answer your questions about the enrollment process, class schedule and more.

Remember, you will get the most from your school advising if you actively participate. Below are some tips:

  • Learn about their schedule. Does he or she have regularly scheduled hours for appointments? Can you schedule an appointment on an as-needed basis?
  • Keep in touch with your advisor. The more your advisor knows about your interests and concerns, the more he or she can support you. Meet with them at least once per term.
  • Discuss various academic options. Your advisor will help you to think strategically about your long-range academic plans.
  • Take notes. Write a summary of what was discussed, any next steps you need to take, and any items you may wish to discuss at your next meeting.
  • Show your appreciation. Thank your advisor and let them know how much you appreciate his or her time.